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How Master Data Management Can Help Sales and Build Brand

22 Sep, 2014

New use cases for MDM have moved far beyond the basic master product or customer data. ...More >

One Way or Another, SMBs Need to Solve Integration with Cloud Analytics

19 Sep, 2014

Though jumping into Big Data analytics may sound scary for SMBs, experts warn that putting it off may jeopardize business. So what's a company to do? ...More >

Data Poor in a Data-Driven World

18 Sep, 2014

One data expert offers a provocative look at how differences in class structure may emerge as a digital disparity in data among our citizens. ...More >

Data Start-ups Promise Businesses Better Data by Giving Power to the People

16 Sep, 2014

The premise is simple: The data belongs to individuals, so individuals are (among) the ones who should profit from it. ...More >

Using High-Tech Data to Drive Savings in Low-Tech Business Divisions

15 Sep, 2014

Data isn’t just for marketing, sales and CXOs. ...More >

Informatica Offers Free Trial of Big Data Edition for Cloudera, Hortonworks Hadoop

12 Sep, 2014

Informatica's offer and slew of data management webinars are in the news this week. ...More >

The Three Ways Omnichannel Data Trips Up Marketing

11 Sep, 2014

Big Data analytics is changing marketing, not always for the better. An insistence on linear attribution and confusion about complex data is creating distrust within the department. ...More >

Survey: Federal IT Agencies Need Better Cloud Data Management

10 Sep, 2014

Fewer than half said their organizations have mature data governance practices in the cloud. ...More >

Big IoT Breakout Is Still Years Away, Experts Say

09 Sep, 2014

Though we may be maxed out over IoT hype, there’s still a lot of work to be done before it can ever reach the plateau of productivity. ...More >

Why Data Lakes Turn into Data Swamps

05 Sep, 2014

Data swamps, of course, are the opposite of what organizations intend when they set out to build a data lake: filled with disorganized, bad or even lost data. ...More >

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