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What Makes a Good Chief Data Officer Candidate?

17 Apr, 2015

Loraine Lawson researches the role of the chief data officer and speculates from her findings what skills a good candidate might possess. ...More >

Up for Debate: The Pros and Cons of Monetizing Data Quality

16 Apr, 2015

Commerce Department CDO Ian Kalin believes in the importance of data quality, but runs into the question as to whether quality data has a cost. ...More >

DBAs More Concerned with Cloud, Virtualization than Big Data

15 Apr, 2015

A new survey from Dell details surprising information on database management and administration in North America. ...More >

Does Everyone Lose When Twitter Takes Back Its Data Firehose?

14 Apr, 2015

Rejected partners are voicing their outrage, but the question is whether this will affect innovation and growth in data usage. ...More >

Oracle’s Integration Release Helps Legacy Customers Stay Loyal

10 Apr, 2015

It’s not so much that Oracle’s offering is the first on some of these capabilities, but more about Oracle helping its 400,000 customers continue to invest in Oracle. ...More >

Informatica Buyout Biggest Financial Deal of Year, Sign of Times for ISVs?

09 Apr, 2015

The Informatica acquisition represents private equity’s new interest in technology companies. ...More >

Still up for Debate: Problems and Benefits of Enterprise Data Lakes

06 Apr, 2015

Despite warnings from the experts about the perils of data lakes, enterprises are building data lakes anyway, because some still think they're a great idea. ...More >

Liaison’s Data Platform as a Service Includes Data Mapping

03 Apr, 2015

Liaison Technologies is now offering what it calls the first dPaaS. ...More >

Four Ways Sports Teams ‘Get’ Data Analytics Better than Business

02 Apr, 2015

If, by some chance, you’re among those who think data isn’t disruptive, you haven’t been paying attention. ...More >

Capgemini’s Four Models for Changing the Bottom Line with Big Data

01 Apr, 2015

Find out how other companies are monetizing their own data, among other strategies. ...More >

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