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New Research Evaluates TCO and Productivity of Data Integration Tools

16 Apr, 2014

Bloor Research used survey responses from 292 companies to compare seven integration solutions: Actian, IBM, Informatica, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP and handcoding. ...More >

Gartner: Integration Brokerage Market Experiences Growth and Updates

14 Apr, 2014

According to Gartner, B2B integration is growing and experiencing a renovation due to new technologies. ...More >

Big Data Can Provide Manufacturers Bigger Efficiencies

11 Apr, 2014

Manufacturers are no strangers to Big Data, however, they may be new to using the technologies to analyze the data for actionable items. ...More >

Does Integration’s Heritage Matter in the Cloud?

04 Apr, 2014

A discussion is going on right now about the role of the enterprise service bus in cloud integration. Does it matter to you? ...More >

Is Little Data the Key to Big Data Success?

01 Apr, 2014

Data experts see little data success as directly correlating to future success with Big Data. ...More >

Three Common Myths About Big Data Success

31 Mar, 2014

The experiences of other organizations might help you avoid getting hung up on misconceptions. ...More >

Time to Add Governance in Intelligence as Feds Push to Integrate IT

31 Mar, 2014

The NSA spying fiasco speaks volumes about a need for re-evaluating how the government handles its data right now. ...More >

Can Providing Value to People Offset Big Data Privacy Concerns?

24 Mar, 2014

Giving something to end users in exchange for the data seems to play a key role in offsetting Big Data’s privacy concerns. ...More >

Bad Data Quality, More Problems for the UK

21 Mar, 2014

UK data quality troubles show how poor data quality can be a disaster for businesses and consumers. ...More >

Businesses Weigh Benefits of Cloud Integration over Traditional Middleware

20 Mar, 2014

Companies are moving more integration work in general to cloud-based, multi-tenant and self-service SaaS applications. ...More >

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