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Humanizing the Data Scientist

21 Aug, 2014

Whether you are attempting to analyze Big Data for human or machine consumption should inform your selection of the right person do tackle the job. ...More >

Gartner Hype Cycle Predicts on Data Science, Predictive Analytics, Connected Home

19 Aug, 2014

It feels like the Gartner Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies is speeding up. ...More >

Big Data Success Requires More than New Technology

18 Aug, 2014

Banks must consider the data paradigm shift both IT and the business must make with Big Data when looking for a successful implementation. ...More >

Big Data Gets a Little More Manageable

15 Aug, 2014

Processing advancements are getting a lot of attention for their use with Big Data. ...More >

Wyvern Programming Language Leverages Data Types to Specify Sublanguages

14 Aug, 2014

The new Wyvern language increases security by allowing coders to use multiple languages within the same program. ...More >

How Big Data Can Solve Small Data Problems

13 Aug, 2014

The reality of Big Data and Small Data isn't so binary. ...More >

What IBM's New Chip Means for Data

12 Aug, 2014

It looks like this chip isn't just a major technology breakthrough, but a significant game changer for many data processing challenges. ...More >

Internet of Things Faces Three Difficult Data Dilemmas

11 Aug, 2014

A recent IDTechEx report has identified several problems with the Internet of Things as potential business opportunities. ...More >

Data Quality Takes on New Significance as Enterprises Go Mobile

08 Aug, 2014

The realities of working with mobile devices bring new complications to data quality efforts. ...More >

Schism over Data Lakes: Open Source Vet Challenges Gartner’s Dire Take

07 Aug, 2014

Gartner says a data lake might work for a skilled data scientist, but it renders data useless for the rest of us. One expert thinks the firm is wrong. ...More >

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