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The Quickest Way to Find a Strategic Use Case for the Internet of Things

31 Oct, 2014

The shift from tactical to strategic applications of the Internet of Things will be key to realizing its much hyped potential. ...More >

Big Data Turns Partisan as Political Powers Get Tech Savvy

30 Oct, 2014

Big Data is ingrained as a key part of political strategy for both Republicans and Democrats. ...More >

In the Future, We’ll All Be Data Geeks

29 Oct, 2014

An SAP survey revealed some interesting numbers about data and its future in the business world. ...More >

Who Benefits from Internet of Things Data? For Now, Mostly Cloud Providers

28 Oct, 2014

Although right now, the Internet of Things may still be finding sound footing, it will eventually find its way via the cloud. ...More >

In Era of Big Data, BI Success Still Depends on Defining Business Goals

27 Oct, 2014

To have a successful BI and analytics program, it's important to discuss the goals of the program and consider your integration options. ...More >

Nine out of 10 Executives Happy with Big Data’s Outcomes

24 Oct, 2014

A recent survey has shown that larger enterprises are more satisfied with the business outcome from Big Data. ...More >

A Tale of Two Data Analytics Success Stories

23 Oct, 2014

One company with a bottleneck and one city with a crime problem found success in data analytics projects. ...More >

Teradata Shows How Improving Integration Can Lead to Better Business Alignment

22 Oct, 2014

Teradata's pushing "data fabric," or connecting multiple systems and retaining flexibility. ...More >

How an IoT Smart Device Is Expanding British Gas’ Business Model

20 Oct, 2014

British Gas' Hive Active Heating smart home device allows customers to control their energy use via a smartphone or mobile device. ...More >

Emerging Trend: Data Scientist as Humanitarian Worker

17 Oct, 2014

Data companies are joining DataKind in providing data scientists to work with organizations to help find efficiencies toward vaccine delivery and poverty eradication. ...More >

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