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It’s On: The IoT Standards Games

22 Jul, 2014

Standards are emerging for IoT, but it seems like the approaches are so different at this point, it’s hard to even say they're competing. ...More >

Why the Internet of Things Faces a Painful Path to Adoption

21 Jul, 2014

Security, privacy, vendor lock-in and legacy architectures top one industry expert's list of concerns. ...More >

The Internet of Things Is Bigger than Texting Refrigerators and Fitbit

18 Jul, 2014

Let’s just set the record straight now: The Internet of Things already exists. ...More >

One Simple Reason You Need a Chief Data Officer

18 Jul, 2014

Nobody else wants to do it and nobody else is doing it. ...More >

The Surprising New Business Driver for Prioritizing Cloud Integration

16 Jul, 2014

Organizations are still concerned with cloud integration, but the reasons why have changed. ...More >

Why the Internet of Things Data Will Spark an IT Revolution

14 Jul, 2014

It seems the Internet of Things is teaching Big Data humility. ...More >

Nate Silver on the Smart Play for LeBron James and Other Data Points

11 Jul, 2014

Miami or Cleveland? Neither was right for LeBron, according to data analysis by Nate Silver. He recently shared other deep thoughts on the perils of analysis. ...More >

Google and the Serbian Crown: A Case for Universal Data Governance

10 Jul, 2014

The rise of Big Data, mobile data and the Internet of Things all make data governance and data quality more challenging. ...More >

Meet the Next Great Crime-Stopping Hero: Data Integration

09 Jul, 2014

Learning how to better integrate data can truly change how an organization functions. ...More >

CRM Integration Still Major Barrier to Business Goals

07 Jul, 2014

Data integration with back-end systems is a major impediment. ...More >

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