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How the iPaaS Market Became a Volatile Boom Town

27 Mar, 2015

Subscription revenue for the enterprise iPaaS market grew more than 60 percent in 2014. More significantly, the market attracted new players. ...More >

Think Data Ethics Don’t Matter? You’re Wrong

25 Mar, 2015

Data analytics’ potential to impact lives may have outpaced its reliability, and this can lead to ethically questionable use of data. ...More >

Why Big Data Needs Better Middleware Instead of Data Scientists

24 Mar, 2015

One argument says that we'll never have enough data scientists, anyway, so we better come up with a different plan. ...More >

Five Emerging Ways to Analyze Unstructured Data

23 Mar, 2015

Most likely, you’ve heard of these technologies, but not as business analytics tools. ...More >

Two Reasons Not Every Business Needs to Be a Data Company

20 Mar, 2015

While organizations may not have to run a data company, one way or another, every company will be data-driven. ...More >

The Top Reason Gartner Says You Need a Chief Data Officer

18 Mar, 2015

No one is managing the data. ...More >

The Biggest Big Data Company You’ve Never Heard of Readies for Business Use

18 Mar, 2015

Splunk is flexible enough to compete as an indexing engine or a more traditional database. Its competition? None other than Adobe, Google, IBM and Oracle. ...More >

Why SaaS Vendors Want to Audit Your Integration Work

16 Mar, 2015

Though SaaS implementations may have several challenges, long-term benefits make the pain worthwhile. ...More >

Will Artificial Intelligence Replace the Data Scientist?

13 Mar, 2015

Where humans can't keep up with data, AI can learn and identify changes and patterns. ...More >

Hybrid Cloud: One More Reason to Use a Service-Oriented Integration

12 Mar, 2015

It’s good to see all that time discussing SOA and integration wasn’t wasted. ...More >

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