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Sorting Out the Container’s Place in the Enterprise

28 Jan, 2015

A high degree of confusion surrounds the capabilities and role of containers in emerging data architectures. ...More >

Lining Up the Vertical Cloud

27 Jan, 2015

Scalability and flexibility are the most favorable aspects of the cloud, but at the end of the day organizations want solutions that work without a lot of integration challenges. ...More >

Oracle’s Play for Converged Infrastructure

26 Jan, 2015

Oracle claims its system can be up and running in a matter of hours, doing away with many of the deployment and integration functions that conventional infrastructure requires, at about half the cost. ...More >

The Tricky Dance Called ‘Energy Efficiency’

23 Jan, 2015

Energy efficiency will remain a moving target as each new solution produces critics who say it is ineffective or an illusion or both. ...More >

The Cloud: The Quickest Way to Big Data Infrastructure

21 Jan, 2015

The cloud is emerging as the go-to solution for Big Data, both as a means to support the data itself and the database and analytics platforms that make sense of it all. ...More >

Support Costs: The Elephant in the White Box Room

20 Jan, 2015

Open solutions don't necessarily produce plug-and-play, set-it-and-forget-it infrastructure. It takes skill, and some trial and error, to get it right. ...More >

The Modular Approach to a Scalable Cloud

19 Jan, 2015

Converged infrastructure is commonly looked upon as a general purpose solution, but it can be tailored to specific applications like VDI as well. ...More >

Tracking Data Center Health, One Piece at a Time

16 Jan, 2015

When engineered properly, data centers become like an organic entity, capable not only of growing and expanding but adapting and learning as well. ...More >

On Track to a Hyperscale Universe

14 Jan, 2015

Whether you are talking about expanding internal infrastructure or pushing workloads onto the cloud, one of the first questions people ask is, 'How well does it scale?' ...More >

With Flash, Costs Aren’t the Only Challenge

13 Jan, 2015

Sometimes, even when a technology like Flash is sound, the human factors guiding its development and manufacture are not. ...More >

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