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Priorities: Technology and Digital Transformation

22 Feb, 2017

Perhaps the most important distinction between today’s digital transformation and the technology evolutions of the past is the fact that achieving the desired user outcome is now the driver of technology decisions, rather than the other way around. ...More >

The Hyperconverged Approach to the Hybrid Cloud

21 Feb, 2017

Development of data infrastructure along cloudy, hyperconverged lines undoubtedly has its share of twists and turns in store, but it produces a data environment that is highly scalable with vastly reduced operational responsibilities. ...More >

When Open Source Meets the Enterprise

20 Feb, 2017

Few organizations will need to convert all of their proprietary technology to open source, but open source will be desirable when it comes to supporting applications and services that are distributed across multi-platform cloud infrastructure. ...More >

Slow Progress Toward IoT Standardization

17 Feb, 2017

If the IoT is going to get off the ground at all, the data community as a whole needs to come up with some pretty powerful standards, and quick. ...More >

Where, and How, to Become Agile

15 Feb, 2017

With agility in infrastructure management and software developments, organizations have the means to pivot processes on a dime so they can respond to changing market conditions quickly and capitalize on new opportunities. ...More >

Fine-Tuning the Enterprise Container Environment

14 Feb, 2017

At this point, it seems unlikely that the container juggernaut will be derailed even slightly. The issues facing the technology are largely centered in implementation rather than operation. ...More >

Cloud Services Can Boost Productivity, But Are They Safer?

13 Feb, 2017

Across the board, cloud providers are adding a wealth of new capabilities to their cloud platforms aimed at making enterprise data more productive. Security is in the details. ...More >

Cisco Jumps on the Azure Bandwagon

10 Feb, 2017

Cisco's goal is to provide an easily deployable, cloud-ready solution for the data center that can support infrastructure- and platform-as-a-service architectures for highly scalable, dynamic workloads. ...More >

Decisions, Decisions: IT in a Changing Digital Environment

08 Feb, 2017

The speed of emerging data operations will dictate that changes will be fast and furious going forward, so IT infrastructure must be flexible above all, and that includes the people who oversee it. ...More >

Chatbots Poised to Invade the Enterprise

07 Feb, 2017

Functions ranging from infrastructure provisioning and deployment to social collaboration and workflow management will likely change radically through chatbot conversational user interfaces, to the point where the enterprise itself becomes a living member of the team. ...More >

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