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Is Hyperscale Consolidation Really a Good Thing?

18 Jan, 2017

Even as the enterprise industry migrates to the cloud, it might be beneficial to examine some of the downsides to the hyperscale trend, particularly the consequences of consolidating resources onto a relatively finite number of physical data centers around the world. ...More >

Tough Choices in Digital Transformation

17 Jan, 2017

Instead of focusing on broad themes like “digital transformation,” organizations would do better to focus on specific technologies, like containers, and deploy them with clear and measurable goals in mind. ...More >

Making Shadow IT Work for the Enterprise

17 Jan, 2017

Shadow IT can only remain in the shadows if IT allows it. Providing greater autonomy to users, developers, business units and tech admins will produce a more dynamic, flexible approach to workflow management. ...More >

Weighing the Options for Disaster Recovery

13 Jan, 2017

It’s important to recognize that disaster recovery is not simply a platform or a service but a process. ...More >

IT Management: From Infrastructure to Services

11 Jan, 2017

Despite the influx of automation and machine intelligence to ITSM, it is unclear whether service-based management will be any easier than the traditional infrastructure approach. ...More >

Moore’s Law No Barrier to Better Processing

10 Jan, 2017

Even as the physical limitations of Moore’s Law come into play, designers are creating new interconnects, interfaces and software constructs to keep the bits flowing, and even coming up with new structural technologies. ...More >

The Quiet Revolution of Serverless Computing

09 Jan, 2017

Serverless computing has great potential for the emerging service-driven business model in which traditional workflows, revenue streams and other factors are supported on a purely digital basis. ...More >

How Real Is the Multi-Cloud Environment?

06 Jan, 2017

Multi-cloud architectures are expected to make a big play in the coming year. By distributing data and apps across varied infrastructure, the enterprise can tailor resources to the appropriate workload and reduce the risk of stranding workloads in cloud-based silos. ...More >

Making the Most of Bare Metal in the Cloud

04 Jan, 2017

Bare metal in the data center will likely hold out as long as the enterprise employs traditional productivity apps, which experts agree should be for quite some time. ...More >

Micro Data Centers: Keys to a Connected Enterprise

03 Jan, 2017

The micro data center is by no means intended to replace enterprise or even cloud-based infrastructure, but will serve more as an adjunct to legacy facilities to service the unique data needs of the connected world. ...More >

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