Data center and networking architecture to keep your data safe and moving

Data Center Efficiency: Look Before You Leap

19 Dec, 2014

Without adequate insight into what is going on in the data center, it is nearly impossible to execute an effective energy management plan. ...More >

Even in the Cloud B&R Still Needs TLC

17 Dec, 2014

Major IT outages are coming at such a regular clip these days that few people need to be convinced of the need for robust B&R. ...More >

Vendors Chart Their Courses to Cloud Dominance

16 Dec, 2014

Who is in the best position to capitalize on the enterprise desire to build its own cloud? ...More >

The Cloud and the Enterprise: Which Needs the Other More?

15 Dec, 2014

We’ve seen a subtle shift in attitude: It’s not the enterprise that needs to adapt to the cloud, but the cloud that needs to adapt to the enterprise. ...More >

The Enterprise’s Multi-Cloud Conundrum

12 Dec, 2014

With large numbers of employees embracing a variety of public services to process and store corporate data, many organizations already use multiple clouds without even knowing it. ...More >

DCIM and the Integration Challenge

10 Dec, 2014

DCIM is about more than just efficiency and cost-savings, it’s about building the foundation for the agile data center. ...More >

The Data Center in the Cloud: One Component Among Many

09 Dec, 2014

It is reasonable to assume that with the cloud as the new data center, traditional resources will no longer be purchased and provisioned on a piecemeal basis. ...More >

Local or Hosted? Weighing Your Options for the Private Cloud

08 Dec, 2014

Private cloud adoption is about to undergo a dramatic shift over the next year or so. ...More >

Is Renewable Energy Truly Providing the Winds of Change in the Data Center?

05 Dec, 2014

Renewable energy for the data center lately has involved large data producers signing long-term agreements with wind farms near their newest plants. ...More >

The Increasing Diversity of Flash Storage

03 Dec, 2014

What started as a general movement to increase performance of key applications has diversified broadly; storage professionals need to consider what kind of flash is appropriate for the job at hand. ...More >

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