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Renewable Energy Is Driving Advanced Power Storage Solutions

24 Apr, 2015

Renewable energy will make an important contribution to data power infrastructure, but it will always face the stigma of poor reliability and the need for extensive alternate energy sources. ...More >

Next Stop on the Virtualization Train: Microservices

22 Apr, 2015

A microservices architecture will likely emerge in the near future, but exactly how functional it will be, and how expensive to operate, is still very much up in the air. ...More >

Can Old Infrastructure Really Support the New Data Center?

21 Apr, 2015

Even a software-driven ecosystem doesn't remove the specter of rip-and-replace completely. Many organizations are steeped in virtualization based predominantly on the VMware hypervisor. ...More >

HDD Rising: Capacity Expected to Become King Again

20 Apr, 2015

At the moment, the enterprise is experiencing a storage glut, but the good times never last. It won’t be long before supply and demand does a flip-flop. ...More >

Private Cloud Activity Picks Up Steam

17 Apr, 2015

Clearly, enterprises of all stripes have warmed up to the cloud and are quickly overcoming the security and availability fears that hampered its initial acceptance. ...More >

Expectations vs. Reality: What the Cloud Is Really About

15 Apr, 2015

Lately, the talk has shifted from the cloud itself to certain categories within the cloud, each of which seem to be following their own hype cycles. ...More >

Supply and Demand: Can Infrastructure Support Big Data?

14 Apr, 2015

Big Data will perform to the limits of its underlying infrastructure, but at some point the cost of those resources will start to reflect supply and demand. ...More >

Seeking the Proper Balance in the Cloud

13 Apr, 2015

The cloud has redefined what can be done on public infrastructure, but to capture the enterprise, providers must strike balance between cost and capability. ...More >

Follow the Data: Analytics Is Heading Toward the Cloud

10 Apr, 2015

The cloud is proving adept at finding the sweet spot between cost and capability, and as data takes up more space in the cloud, it will provide the most efficient platform for analytics. ...More >

Kicking Performance Management into the Virtual Era

08 Apr, 2015

The basic conundrum of virtual infrastructure management is that it is very difficult to manage what you cannot see. ...More >

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