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Why Predictions for the End of the Data Center Are Premature

30 Sep, 2014

Cloud news coverage makes it seem like everyone is leaving the data center behind, but many CIOs conclude that it's not the right infrastructure for every application. ...More >

Is the Enterprise Ready to Take Up ARMs?

29 Sep, 2014

When it comes to web-facing, hyperscale environments, the gains for ARMs could be significant. ...More >

On-Server Flash: More than Just Memory

26 Sep, 2014

The name of the computing game is speed, and one way to achieve it is to put Flash modules directly on the server to boost storage array performance. ...More >

Hyperscale for Everyone? Not Quite

24 Sep, 2014

Though hyperscale architectures garner a lot of attention these days, they are not all created equal and may not fit every use case. ...More >

HP and EMC: A Sign of the Times?

23 Sep, 2014

Is this our economic system at work, weeding out inefficiencies in business models that are about to be out-classed by changing times anyway? ...More >

Cloud Strategies: Planning for Successful Outcomes

22 Sep, 2014

Because the cloud represents an entirely new foundation for the broader digital ecosystem, the challenges we can’t see yet are likely to be significant. ...More >

DCOS: Turning the Data Center into a PC

19 Sep, 2014

It’s a good bet that the coming year will see some major advances in DCOS and a dramatic rethinking of how the data center fits within the overall data environment. ...More >

The New Cloud, Not the Same as the Old Cloud

17 Sep, 2014

While pursuing cloud strategies, you must realize that by the time the transition is complete, the cloud may not be what it appeared to be at the outset. ...More >

Does PaaS Have a Future in the Cloud?

16 Sep, 2014

PaaS is generally viewed as a dev/ops environment because it offers a flexible, virtual platform that can be created, shared and dismissed with relative ease. ...More >

HP and Eucalyptus: Bold Stroke or Too Little, Too Late?

15 Sep, 2014

Eucalyptus has emerged as one of the more innovative players in the cloud space, but will that innovation continue within the corporate constraints of a giant like HP? ...More >

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