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Does PaaS Have a Future in the Cloud?

16 Sep, 2014

PaaS is generally viewed as a dev/ops environment because it offers a flexible, virtual platform that can be created, shared and dismissed with relative ease. ...More >

HP and Eucalyptus: Bold Stroke or Too Little, Too Late?

15 Sep, 2014

Eucalyptus has emerged as one of the more innovative players in the cloud space, but will that innovation continue within the corporate constraints of a giant like HP? ...More >

Strange Ideas Emerging to Improve Data Center Cooling

12 Sep, 2014

It’s reasonable to expect even more innovative cooling solutions to come from web-scale providers like Google and Amazon. ...More >

Modular Infrastructure and the Cloud

10 Sep, 2014

Building a cloud on modular, greenfield infrastructure may be difficult, but it puts the enterprise on a stronger footing when it comes to meeting rapidly expanding data requirements. ...More >

Scaling Storage Is More than Just Added Capacity

09 Sep, 2014

It would be nice if scaling up storage meant simply adding capacity to existing infrastructure, but that is not going to cut it at most enterprises. ...More >

Long Live the New Tablet/PC Thingy

08 Sep, 2014

The perfect device for enterprise users is up in the air. PC sales are up, while tablet sales are down. Could there be another option? ...More >

The Hyperscale Trickle-Down Effect

05 Sep, 2014

Even though true hyperscale may not be in your future, there will still be a strong desire to broaden capabilities without expanding the infrastructure footprint. ...More >

Getting Applications Ready for the Cloud

03 Sep, 2014

Re-architecting apps to leverage virtual infrastructure makes it easier to tap into highly scalable cloud environments. ...More >

The Growing Dependency on Flash

02 Sep, 2014

Even though it may have its share of warts, it seems that Flash will remain on the deployment agenda for some time to come. ...More >

In Step with Data Virtualization

01 Sep, 2014

What is good for infrastructure is also good for data itself, which is why many organizations are looking to augment virtual plans with data virtualization. ...More >

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