Data center and networking architecture to keep your data safe and moving

The Easy Way and the Hard Way to Energy Efficiency

02 Oct, 2015

In today’s data center environment, in order to save money you have to spend money. Established firms stuck with legacy infrastructure have the ability to retrofit systems for the new era. ...More >

More to Big Data Infrastructure than Just Size

30 Sep, 2015

Effectively leveraging Big Data – that is, turning bits and bytes into actual knowledge, and then getting that knowledge to those who can use it – will require careful coordination between hardware, software and human resources. ...More >

To White Box or Not to White Box?

29 Sep, 2015

Building new infrastructure from scratch is never fun, but at least today’s commodity solutions offer an easier path to scale-out architectures than the silo-inducing solutions of the past. ...More >

Consumer Tech in the Enterprise: Balancing Work and Play

28 Sep, 2015

When it comes to adapting consumer technologies in the office, it is likely that organizations will be faced with a perpetually moving target. ...More >

Placing the Need Before the Cloud

25 Sep, 2015

Whereas the limits of infrastructure once dictated exactly who could do what with their data, the situation is now almost completely reversed: Users and apps define what they need and the infrastructure is compiled to suit. ...More >

It’s Time to Get a Handle on Data Governance

23 Sep, 2015

Of all the changes that are taking place in the emerging cloud/mobile/Big Data era, governance is likely to be the most challenging. ...More >

Storage in a Diversifying Data Environment

22 Sep, 2015

Most organizations already realize that with the changing nature of data, simply expanding legacy infrastructure is not the answer. Rather, we should be thinking about rebuilding storage from a fundamental level. ...More >

Maintaining Control of the Self-Service Enterprise

21 Sep, 2015

Self-service is a vital tool in the data-driven economy, but like anything else it should not be over- or under-utilized. ...More >

Start Wading into the Data Lake, but Don’t Go Over Your Head

18 Sep, 2015

The data lake is not intended to replace current archiving and warehouse infrastructure, but to supplement it in ways that allow all data to become more productive. ...More >

Multiple Approaches to Container Scalability

16 Sep, 2015

Enterprises looking to deploy containers will want scale above all else, or else why bother with containers at all? ...More >

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