Data center and networking architecture to keep your data safe and moving

New Platforms Make It Easier to Jump into the Storage Pool

27 Mar, 2015

Whether through software or hardware, the enterprise has a vested interest in taking control of the storage pools that are steadily assuming the lion’s share of the overall data load. ...More >

Bringing Order to the Cloud

25 Mar, 2015

The cloud is a miasma of systems, architectures, platforms and resources all clamoring to get a piece of the data load. ...More >

An Infrastructure for Every Challenge

24 Mar, 2015

As the enterprise moves ever deeper into virtualized, distributed architectures, crafting a top-to-bottom environment tailored to the task at hand becomes easier and more affordable. ...More >

Green IT: Who Is Ultimately Responsible Here?

23 Mar, 2015

Will the broader IT industry demand green IT as the cloud era unfolds and people consuming data resources have less at stake in the design and provisioning of infrastructure? ...More >

Bringing Scale to the Private Cloud

20 Mar, 2015

Despite the initial difficulties, and the chorus of naysayers chiming in about the fatal flaw of the private cloud concept, it is way too early to pull the plug on localized cloud resources. ...More >

Virtual Desktops Are Here to Stay

18 Mar, 2015

Virtualization is not the answer to desktop infrastructure challenges, but one option to be considered as the enterprise confronts the demands of mobile computing, Big Data and distributed, virtual infrastructure. ...More >

New Storage Software Strives for Intelligent Management

17 Mar, 2015

Before laying out big money for additional storage, it might be worth your while to see how storage software could help extend what you already have. ...More >

Can the Cloud Clear the Mission-Critical Hurdle?

16 Mar, 2015

Enterprises keep critical data close to the vest, which means cloud providers need to go the extra mile to win enterprise trust. ...More >

IT’s Next Big Challenge: Service-Level Management

13 Mar, 2015

The first step in reining in the cloud is to provide the tools and services that employees require to fulfill their tasks, so they stop seeking them elsewhere. ...More >

The Rise of the Cloud-Specific Data Platform

11 Mar, 2015

The cloud is the emerging data paradigm, so it is only natural that underlying infrastructure would start to reflect that reality. ...More >

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