Data center and networking architecture to keep your data safe and moving

Enterprises Warm to the Power of Simulation

22 May, 2015

Running a simulation before launching an app will delay the process, but it ultimately improves business performance by allowing dev teams to get it right the first time. ...More >

Choosing the Right Private Cloud Platform

20 May, 2015

The speed at which architectures are evolving requires thorough analysis of where the enterprise is and is going, and the selection of a private cloud should reflect those goals. ...More >

Managing the Hybrid Application Stack

19 May, 2015

As users increasingly take it upon themselves to craft their own data stacks, the enterprise will need to focus on the apps themselves in order to maintain a cohesive data ecosystem. ...More >

Diversity of Data Requires Diversity of Storage

18 May, 2015

Although it's tempting to think that advanced data architectures will take all the guesswork and design optimization issues out of the storage deployment process, plug-and-play, set-it-and-forget-it storage probably never will be in the cards. ...More >

Hardware Still (Slightly) Relevant in the Cloud

15 May, 2015

General-purpose computing across distributed cloud architectures will rise and fall with the ability of software architectures to provision and integrate server, storage and networking resources on the cloud. ...More >

Peas in a Pod: A New Data Center and a New Business Model

13 May, 2015

The new data environment doesn't serve the same purpose as the old, so we must learn how to leverage this app-centric, service-based environment for our business models. ...More >

Where the Enterprise Is Cloud-Wise

12 May, 2015

If you could take a snapshot right now, what would be the dominant themes within the cloud computing movement, and do they have the stuff to stand the test of time? ...More >

White Box Solutions for Moderately Scaled Infrastructure

11 May, 2015

White box is emerging as the go-to hardware platform for cloud-facing, scale-out infrastructure, which is likely to become the dominant form of enterprise computing in the new century. ...More >

Why the Tesla Powerwall Battery Is Not the Answer to Data Center Energy Issues

08 May, 2015

While the Tesla battery is a novel development that will do wonders for data center power and efficiency, it should not be looked on as the answer to our energy problems. ...More >

Inching Toward the Perfect Cloud

06 May, 2015

No matter how good the cloud gets, there will always be someone who says it can be made a whole lot better. ...More >

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