Data center and networking architecture to keep your data safe and moving

Hadoop or Warehousing, or Both?

18 Apr, 2014

The Big Data challenge is not one of capacity as much as management and analysis. ...More >

A New Era for Data Center Hardware

16 Apr, 2014

A streamlined data center will not require as much hardware as the traditional silo-based version, but that model was clearly unsustainable, anyway. ...More >

The Solutions-Oriented Cloud

15 Apr, 2014

It seems that many organizations are moving beyond generic clouds to solutions-oriented architectures that can be easily leveraged in pursuit of key goals. ...More >

Is the Virtual Data Center Inevitable?

14 Apr, 2014

A fully virtualized data operation offers many advantages, but will enterprises trust the technology for its data needs? ...More >

Liquid Cooling Edges Closer to Commercial Reality

11 Apr, 2014

Researchers are getting closer to replacing traditional air-cooling methods in the server room with new liquid-cooled designs, promising greater efficiency and lower costs. ...More >

The Ongoing Cost of Cloud Storage

09 Apr, 2014

When IT organizations weigh their storage options, it helps to understand that the longer storage and other services are occupied, the greater the cost will be. ...More >

Options Abound for the Private Cloud

08 Apr, 2014

It seems the private cloud is shaping up to be a battle between VMware and the OpenStack community. ...More >

Building the Right Cloud for the Right Purpose

07 Apr, 2014

It is neither hype nor wishful thinking to say that the cloud is a complete reboot of longstanding enterprise infrastructure. ...More >

Energy Metrics: No Easy Answers

04 Apr, 2014

It seems there are as many “ideal metrics” when it comes to energy usage as there are IT pros in the field. ...More >

Rise of the Mega Data Center?

02 Apr, 2014

The more the enterprise becomes steeped in cloud computing, the more we hear of the end of local infrastructure in favor of utility-style “mega-data centers.” ...More >

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Business performance information for strategic and operational decision-making


SOA uses interoperable services grouped around business processes to ease data integration

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