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3D Printing Gradually Moving to the Mainstream

18 Sep, 2014

More job postings are listing 3D printing as a required skill, and Microsoft has updated its 3D printing app in Windows 8.1. More >

A Former Female Lieutenant Governor on Working in a Male-Dominated Environment

11 Sep, 2014

Jennifer Carroll speaks very honestly about working with and around the good old boys, being a team player and seeing that strategy fail, and how to focus on positive steps toward success.  More >

A Snapshot of Dell’s Transformation

04 Sep, 2014

Analyst Rob Enderle sees and hears passion coming from Dell now, something he thought had been lost in the tech industry in recent years.  More >

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Rob Enderle

HP Moonshot: Making Existing Servers Obsolete

Unfiltered Opinion   |  Rob Enderle   |  19 Sep, 2014

Moonshot is HP’s big shot at the future. And increasingly, Moonshot’s success will be HP’s. ... More >

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Loraine Lawson

One Way or Another, SMBs Need to Solve Integration with Cloud Analytics

Integration   |  Loraine Lawson   |  19 Sep, 2014

Though jumping into Big Data analytics may sound scary for SMBs, experts warn that putting it off may jeopardize business. So what's a company to do? ... More >

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Carl Weinschenk

Numbers Show that the Public Cares About Net Neutrality

Data and Telecom   |  Carl Weinschenk   |  19 Sep, 2014

Tech news this week includes smartphone shipment numbers, Micron pushing SSDs, more on net neutrality, and 80211.ah. ... More >

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Kim Mays

Tips on Negotiating IT Equipment and Software Contracts

New Tools for IT   |  Kim Mays   |  18 Sep, 2014

Negotiation is a skill that anyone can master. Even managing IT vendor agreements can become a task that is less feared and more often a success.... More >

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Sue Marquette Poremba

The Rise of Retail Breaches

Data Security   |  Sue Marquette Poremba   |  18 Sep, 2014

You have to be living under a rock to not notice that retail breaches are happening with alarming frequency. ... More >

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Don Tennant

Study: Men More Likely Than Women to Lose Devices with Sensitive Company Data

From Under the Rug   |  Don Tennant   |  18 Sep, 2014

A study by TeamViewer found that 60 percent of employed men say that they are likely to lose a device with sensitive data on it. ... More >

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Mike Vizard

Blue Jeans Network Gives IT Visibility into Videoconferencing

IT Unmasked   |  Mike Vizard   |  18 Sep, 2014

Blue Jeans Command Center gives IT organizations access to a dashboard and real-time metrics that can be used to troubleshoot performance issues. ... More >

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Kim Mays

SMBs: Learn from the IT Mistakes Made by Other Businesses

SMB Tech   |  Kim Mays   |  17 Sep, 2014

One entrepreneur and blogger listed his top six IT issues that are most often overlooked by small to midsize businesses.... More >

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Kachina Shaw

More than a Name Change: ISIS Mobile Wallet Becomes Softcard

Governance and Risk   |  Kachina Shaw   |  17 Sep, 2014

Even if users aren’t turned off by security and privacy worries, they don’t see the benefit of switching from using credit cards to using their phones to make payments. ... More >

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Arthur Cole

The New Cloud, Not the Same as the Old Cloud

Infrastructure   |  Arthur Cole   |  17 Sep, 2014

While pursuing cloud strategies, you must realize that by the time the transition is complete, the cloud may not be what it appeared to be at the outset. ... More >

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Kachina Shaw

IBM Co-Investment Training Program Includes Pay Cuts

Charting Your IT Career   |  Kachina Shaw   |  15 Sep, 2014

Affected employees will spend one day per week improving “cloud, analytics, mobile and social” skills, and see a 10 percent pay cut. ... More >

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