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5G Evolving Quickly and That May Be a Problem

13 Apr, 2015

5G seems to be ahead of where previous cellular standards were at this point in the arc of development. More >

Adaptive Insights Looks to Expand CPM Usage via Cloud Service

22 Apr, 2015

Adaptive Insights today unveiled its Adaptive Solutions offering that speeds up deployment of CPM applications along with providing 20 other enhancements to the core application. More >

Advice for New CIOs: Direct Traffic or Risk Getting Run Over

01 Apr, 2015

Diana Bersohn, managing director of Accenture Strategy, addresses the fact that CIOs tend to have the shortest tenure in the C-Suite, and what CIOs can do to change that. More >

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Arthur Cole

When the Local Data Center Meets the IoT

Infrastructure   |  Arthur Cole   |  27 Apr, 2015

Big Data and the Internet of Things appear unstoppable, and the object they are meeting, the data center, is turning out to be highly moveable.... More >

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Mike Vizard

HP Expands SDN Portfolio

IT Unmasked   |  Mike Vizard   |  27 Apr, 2015

HP Networking VP Dominic Wilde says that one of the things that has been holding back SDN adoption is the ability to run these environments at scale.... More >

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Don Tennant

Cloud-to-Cloud Integration to Enable IoT: What About Standards?

From Under the Rug   |  Don Tennant   |  27 Apr, 2015

One Internet of Things expert gives his views on the lack of standards today and what that means for companies getting into IoT in the cloud.... More >

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Loraine Lawson

Nobody Puts Big Data in a Corner

Integration   |  Loraine Lawson   |  24 Apr, 2015

Managers need a full understanding of Big Data--it's three definitions and types of analytics--to best make use of it for the business.... More >

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Carl Weinschenk

Comcast Won’t Acquire Time Warner Cable

Data and Telecom   |  Carl Weinschenk   |  24 Apr, 2015

In tech news this week, the Comcast/Time Warner merger is off, Google announces wireless Project Fi and Facebook becomes more mobile.... More >

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Rob Enderle

Getting Ready for Microsoft Build: State of Windows 10 on PCs, Tablets, and Phones

Unfiltered Opinion   |  Rob Enderle   |  23 Apr, 2015

Rob Enderle talks about his expectations from the Windows Build event and what he thinks so far of the Windows 10 beta.... More >

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Sue Marquette Poremba

The Password Problem: Nobody Really Wants a Better Solution

Data Security   |  Sue Marquette Poremba   |  23 Apr, 2015

Options like multi-factor authentication and biometrics could replace the regular use of passwords and usernames, but is it really that simple?... More >

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Kachina Shaw

Ignore Solution to Phishing, Spearphishing Risk at Your Peril

Governance and Risk   |  Kachina Shaw   |  16 Apr, 2015

Phishing and spearphishing are in the news, and many more frightening attacks will never be widely discussed. Investing in user training is a little-used defense.... More >

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Kim Mays

How to Create Work/Life Balance for Small Business Owners

SMB Tech   |  Kim Mays   |  10 Apr, 2015

When work and life become too intermingled, it's time to step back and find a few ways to separate them to ease stress and strife.... More >

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Kachina Shaw

IT Career News: Productive Remote Work, Meeting the New Boss, Lynda Sells

Charting Your IT Career   |  Kachina Shaw   |  10 Apr, 2015

IT career news included a huge acquisition in online education, details on how workers really use collaboration tools, and sources of productivity that benefit both employer and employee.... More >

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Kim Mays

Why Risk Management Is Just as Important as Project Management

New Tools for IT   |  Kim Mays   |  08 Apr, 2015

Risk management goes hand-in-hand with project management. To properly conduct a risk assessment, begin with a planning meeting.... More >

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