$20M Uber/FTC Consent Decree Points to Uber Practices and AWS as Critical Avoidable Problems

11 Sep, 2017

The FTC alleged that Uber did not take reasonable care, in effect was arguably negligent, in protecting user data. More >

5G Announcements Pick Up Steam as Ecosystems Battle, Standards Work Continues

04 Sep, 2017

The move toward 5G networks is moving forward on a consistent basis. Several announcements were recently made. More >

Actian Accelerates Apache Spark Analytics

20 Sep, 2017

Because Actian employs extensions to the instruction set for x86 processors made by Intel, the utilization rate for analytics applications can now be several orders of magnitude greater. More >

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Carl Weinschenk

Think Strategically About Security at the Technical and Corporate Levels

Data and Telecom  RSS |  Carl Weinschenk   |  20 Sep, 2017

How an organization approaches security at both the technical and corporate levels must be a function of an established and shrewd philosophy.... More >

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Arthur Cole

Laying Out the SDDC Transition Strategy

Infrastructure  RSS |  Arthur Cole   |  20 Sep, 2017

Before implementing an SDDC and the process of transformation, the enterprise should think about how it intends to use it and how it will reorganize itself around a highly fluid, data- and application-centric environment.... More >

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Mike Vizard

Vexata Unveils Storage Operating Systems for NVMe

IT Unmasked  RSS |  Mike Vizard   |  20 Sep, 2017

Active Data Fabric from Vexata is a software-defined OS that can be deployed across a controller, router and data node consisting of SSDs. IT can also opt to deploy Active Data Fabric on a public cloud.... More >

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Rob Enderle

The Biggest Problem for Kaspersky Lab and Those Who Use It

Unfiltered Opinion  RSS |  Rob Enderle   |  19 Sep, 2017

If the U.S. government bans Kaspersky Lab, you may not have any choice but to ban it as well.... More >

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Sue Marquette Poremba

Training IT Staff for Security Duties to Tackle Overwhelming Threat Intelligence Data

Data Security  RSS |  Sue Marquette Poremba   |  18 Sep, 2017

The good news: More organizations are using threat intelligence to detect and then mitigate potential cybersecurity incidents.... More >

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