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5 Levels of Data Protection SMBs Should Consider

12 Aug, 2015

Recent reports show that SMBs have embraced digital technologies, but have not yet mastered the provisioning of data security. More >

5 Ways SMBs Benefit from Embracing the Cloud

18 Aug, 2015

When SMBs turn to the cloud, they benefit from more than just having their data kept safe and available. They can cut costs, meet compliance standards and increase data security. More >

Accellion Applies Data Governance to File Sync and Share

10 Aug, 2015

Hormazd Romer, head of product marketing at Accellion, says IT organizations can now automate most of the tasks associated with discovering files that might be related to any legal hold request. More >

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Kim Mays

Many SMBs Benefit from Adopting a CRM Solution

SMB Tech   |  Kim Mays   |  27 Aug, 2015

More SMBs are adopting CRM solutions to help organize their contacts, manage email campaigns and automate website actions. Is it time your company did too?... More >

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Sue Marquette Poremba

Why Cloud Security Threats Shouldn’t Inhibit Cloud Adoption

Data Security   |  Sue Marquette Poremba   |  27 Aug, 2015

Yes, cloud security is a big deal. But there are ways to protect your data from the latest threats, so don't say "no" to the cloud because of fear.... More >

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Mike Vizard

Mesos Promises to Change Data Center Management Equation

IT Unmasked   |  Mike Vizard   |  27 Aug, 2015

IT organizations will soon see a common abstraction layer across both Linux and Windows. That abstraction layer will make it feasible for a single IT administrator to manage thousands of servers in and out of the cloud.... More >

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Don Tennant

C-Level Execs Aren’t Stepping up to Prevent Cyberattacks, Survey Finds

From Under the Rug   |  Don Tennant   |  27 Aug, 2015

A survey by Accenture Strategy found that though 63 percent of enterprises experience a cyberattack once a week, executives aren't doing enough to prevent them.... More >

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Carl Weinschenk

Apple Security in the Enterprise: Safer, Not Perfect

Data and Telecom   |  Carl Weinschenk   |  26 Aug, 2015

Apple is not perfect in its approach to keeping devices and data safe. In some cases, the problem isn’t Apple itself – it’s the tendency of employees to disregard security.... More >

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Rob Enderle

BlackBerry and WatchDox: 9/11 and Our Sadly Ironic Security Conundrum

Unfiltered Opinion   |  Rob Enderle   |  26 Aug, 2015

If we were talking exposures for the PC platform and a similar dearth of tools, this class of product would be seen as critical to the security of the firm, but that doesn’t appear to be the case.... More >

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Arthur Cole

The Data Center in the New Digital Economy

Infrastructure   |  Arthur Cole   |  26 Aug, 2015

The enterprise is being forced into a series of tough decisions regarding infrastructure, architecture and technology at a time when the use case for the data center itself is undergoing dramatic change.... More >

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Kachina Shaw

Three Ways to Eliminate Annual Employee Reviews

Charting Your IT Career   |  Kachina Shaw   |  25 Aug, 2015

More companies are making this major change in order to benefit all employees and the bottom line.... More >

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Kim Mays

What Big Data Means to Business

New Tools for IT   |  Kim Mays   |  20 Aug, 2015

Big Data means different things to different companies. Even within the enterprise, Big Data is seen in conflicting ways among various departments.... More >

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Kachina Shaw

End Users Closer to Embracing Change, Giving Up Passwords

Governance and Risk   |  Kachina Shaw   |  15 Jul, 2015

The results of a new survey by Accenture may carry good news for both end users and providers working to maximize their data security and minimize their reliance on passwords.... More >

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