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802.11ac Wave 2 Is a Big Commitment

26 May, 2015

Organizations must keep in mind that the steps between 802.11ac Wave 1 and Wave 2 are big ones that must be undertaken with great care. More >

A Conversation About Symantec’s 2015 Internet Security Threat Report

29 Apr, 2015

A Symantec exec breaks down the three main categories of cybersecurity threats. More >

A Milestone Approaches in the Never Ending End of IPv4

21 May, 2015

At some point this summer, ARIN will no longer be able to fulfill requests for IPv4 addresses. But that's not a huge problem if ISPs continue working toward IPv6. More >

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Kim Mays

Why SMBs Should Invest in a Mobile Responsive Website

SMB Tech   |  Kim Mays   |  27 May, 2015

SMBs may have a mobile optimized site, but new Google ranking factors show that those without mobile responsive sites have toppled down the ranking lists.... More >

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Arthur Cole

What Does the Enterprise Really Want from the Cloud?

Infrastructure   |  Arthur Cole   |  27 May, 2015

For all the hand-wringing, it seems apparent that the cloud will eventually emerge as the dominant form of IT through attrition.... More >

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Sue Marquette Poremba

IRS the Latest in a Growing List of Repeat Security Breach Victims

Data Security   |  Sue Marquette Poremba   |  27 May, 2015

The IRS revealed this week that hackers used its transcript service to breach the data on 100,000 U.S. taxpayers.... More >

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Rob Enderle

Dell vs. HP: What a Difference Five Years Makes

Unfiltered Opinion   |  Rob Enderle   |  27 May, 2015

Rob Enderle says Dell is busting its hump to get ready for tomorrow, while HP is busting its hump to get through today.... More >

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Mike Vizard

Atlassian Updates JIRA IT Service Platform

IT Unmasked   |  Mike Vizard   |  27 May, 2015

JIRA Service Desk 2.4 is sporting a new user interface that makes it simpler for IT staff to automate repetitive tasks and share alerts with one another.... More >

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Carl Weinschenk

802.11ac Wave 2 Is a Big Commitment

Data and Telecom   |  Carl Weinschenk   |  26 May, 2015

Organizations must keep in mind that the steps between 802.11ac Wave 1 and Wave 2 are big ones that must be undertaken with great care.... More >

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Don Tennant

Dealing with Interruptions: Recognize the Seriousness of the Problem

From Under the Rug   |  Don Tennant   |  26 May, 2015

Time management expert Edward Brown explains the various types of interruptions experienced on the job and how they affect the work day.... More >

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Loraine Lawson

Four Questions to Ask Before Building the Data Infrastructure of Tomorrow

Integration   |  Loraine Lawson   |  22 May, 2015

Business users want access to data, and to be data-driven, the company needs that access. Consider these four points when attempting to build out your new data infrastructure.... More >

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Kachina Shaw

Keeping Security Monitoring In-House Becoming Riskier for Some Businesses

Governance and Risk   |  Kachina Shaw   |  19 May, 2015

It has become a question of balance and value, with IT organizations being asked to set up and monitor millions of alerts and identify the most important ones in an instant.... More >

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Kim Mays

How Your Enterprise Can Provide High Availability IT Services

New Tools for IT   |  Kim Mays   |  14 May, 2015

Enterprise IT organizations must seriously consider all design aspects of the plan to provide highly available services—not just system infrastructure.... More >

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Kachina Shaw

Cybrary, Women in Technology Create Pilot Program for Cybersecurity Skills

Charting Your IT Career   |  Kachina Shaw   |  13 May, 2015

Two professional organizations that are focused on providing technology skills to some underserved and un-reached populations are launching a joint program to help change access to cybersecurity training.... More >

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