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15 Ways to Make the Most of Networking at Your Next IT Conference

16 Jul, 2015

A career consultant and author gives a list of ways conference attendees (even introverts) can network and make connections. More >

A Hacking Story Even Better Than a Hollywood Movie

09 Jul, 2015

With hacktivism, lazy password systems, nations paying a lot of money to be able to cyber-spy, and hints that this could spill over to private enterprise, even Hollywood can’t make up stuff like this. More >

A Platform for Every Vertical

13 Jul, 2015

The challenge going forward is not so much architecting the right data environment for your business needs, but figuring out what those needs are and how they will change in the near future. More >

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Don Tennant

Cultural Norms in IT Breed Toxic Employees, Training Exec Says

From Under the Rug   |  Don Tennant   |  28 Jul, 2015

CEO of a leadership and training company speaks about points revealed from a survey on toxic employees and adds examples from her own experiences.... More >

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Mike Vizard

IBM Expands Its Portfolio of Database Services

IT Unmasked   |  Mike Vizard   |  27 Jul, 2015

IBM acquired Compose, and plans to provide multiple services around three primary modes of managed data services.... More >

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Carl Weinschenk

The Smartphone Kill Switch Evolves

Data and Telecom   |  Carl Weinschenk   |  27 Jul, 2015

Recent data shows that mandatory smartphone kill switches have reduced thefts by 32 percent, but it's not without issues.... More >

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Arthur Cole

Is it Time for the Enterprise to Start Running the Cloud?

Infrastructure   |  Arthur Cole   |  27 Jul, 2015

The cloud can do many things, and is the focus of much of the development taking place in the IT industry now, but that does not mean it's the right solution all the time.... More >

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Sue Marquette Poremba

Hackers Gain Control Because Organizations Allow Them to Do So

Data Security   |  Sue Marquette Poremba   |  27 Jul, 2015

The latest AshleyMadison breach shows how hackers have gained control over the Internet because companies are lax about cybersecurity.... More >

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Kachina Shaw

Getting Social with CompTIAPerks

Charting Your IT Career   |  Kachina Shaw   |  23 Jul, 2015

A staff-driven social media campaign is bringing out the fun and a little competitiveness at CompTIA this summer. Find out why its presentation of workplace culture is successful.
... More >

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Rob Enderle

Chen’s AtHoc Acquisition, BlackBerry Turnaround Pull from Jobs’ and Watson’s Wisdom

Unfiltered Opinion   |  Rob Enderle   |  23 Jul, 2015

When you are assuring the future of a firm, using the best practices from Steve Jobs and Thomas Watson Jr. is well advised.... More >

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Kim Mays

Which Backup and Recovery Solution Works Best for SMBs?

SMB Tech   |  Kim Mays   |  22 Jul, 2015

Carbonite was named ChannelPro's SMB Backup Vendor for the third time, but up-and-coming Datto may have a solution that's better.... More >

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Kachina Shaw

End Users Closer to Embracing Change, Giving Up Passwords

Governance and Risk   |  Kachina Shaw   |  15 Jul, 2015

The results of a new survey by Accenture may carry good news for both end users and providers working to maximize their data security and minimize their reliance on passwords.... More >

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Kim Mays

Ensuring Web Security Within the Enterprise

New Tools for IT   |  Kim Mays   |  09 Jul, 2015

Web security is a vast topic with numerous levels of systems and areas for possible breach. Learn how two security experts can give insight into shoring up enterprise web security.... More >

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Loraine Lawson

The Importance of Integration

Integration   |  Loraine Lawson   |  03 Jul, 2015

Deal with the data now before it suffocates your systems.... More >

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