Optimizing Graphical Web Content: Ten Dos and Don’ts

Data has shown that 56 percent of websites either do a poor job of optimizing images or don’t do it at all. What can be done when optimizing images for websites and what should you avoid?

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Hyperscale and the Average Enterprise

Pure-play hyperscalers like Google and Facebook are crafting their own abstract data and management stacks atop ODM hardware while enterprises and cloud providers are relying on traditional channels to devise solutions for their own ends.

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Cybersecurity Especially Tough in Health Care

The increasing use of the Internet for health care guarantees that crackers will sharpen their attacks as time goes on.

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WaveMaker Adds API Publishing Tools to PaaS Environment

Mayur Shah, senior project manager for WaveMaker, says it’s becoming increasingly apparent that API management and PaaS environments are starting to converge.

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SQL or NoSQL: Choosing the Best Solution for Your Needs

The two camps have evolved significantly, and the question still remains: When should you use a SQL-based database to solve your problem, and when should you turn to NoSQL?

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IT Lessons Learned from the First 3D Printed Supercar: We Need a Cl...

Technology vendors and IT managers don’t sit back often enough and start from scratch, with a list of requirements on one side and current technology on the other, and work to create something designed for the workload of today.

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IT Downloads

IT_Man19 Become a 21st Century Executive

The excerpt contains the first two chapters of the book, focusing on planning your career – where are you today and where you are going – and judging talent and opportunity – both your own and others.

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Infra4 Microsoft Project 2013 Cheat Sheet

Microsoft Project 2013 is a project management software program that helps you plan projects and keep them on track, no matter how big or small.

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Survey03 Interfaces for Personal Identity Verification

This document contains the technical specifications to interface with the smart card to retrieve and use the PIV identity credentials.

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Transforming Business with Program Management

This excerpt examines program leadership and the role it plays as a critical success factor for facilitating work integration, stakeholder engagement, objective alignment, organizational change readiness, and benefits realization.

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DataM32 Job Description: Integrations Manager

The Integrations Manager will oversee integrations with clients, inventory/publisher partners, data partners and others.

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