Phishing a Concern for Vast Majority of IT Executives

Phishing is effective. It is wreaking havoc on networks and endpoints and continues to fool even sophisticated users.

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Atlassian Unfurls Stride Collaboration Cloud Service

Stride provides access to a broad range of mediums that allows end users to more naturally collaborate within the context of a specific project.

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Keeping High-Scale Data and Resources in Sync

As data architectures evolve into the cloud and beyond, so too will the ability to optimize the way data and applications are deployed.

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Chip Makers Working Hard on 5G

Chips, chipsets and related elements are the little engines that make new technologies go. There is news on that front as it relates to the emergence of 5G.

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Lessons to Learn from Equifax Breach

Organizations of all sizes and verticals would be wise to take a close look at the Equifax breach and learn from the mistakes made in the aftermath. The post-breach behavior was a failure of epic proportions.

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$20M Uber/FTC Consent Decree Points to Uber Practices and AWS as Cr...

The FTC alleged that Uber did not take reasonable care, in effect was arguably negligent, in protecting user data.

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IT Downloads

Compliance2 Building a GRC Program: Assessing Stakeholder Needs and Readiness

This table outlines the top needs of each stakeholder group that can help guide your conversations on priorities and needs for the GRC program.

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Security95 Guide to Cyber Threat Information Sharing

This publication provides guidelines for establishing and participating in cyber threat information sharing relationships.

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DataCtr5 Colocation Checklist

This checklist will help make sure you ask the important questions that will affect your colocation services and your eventual purchase decisions.

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