No Digital Transformation Without Big Data

Questions remain as to how Big Data will influence future business processes and what steps to take now to ensure it provides optimal support in a fast-changing economy.

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Small Cells Sitting Pretty as Networks Are Readied for 5G

As networks move to 5G, the nature of the new protocol will make it necessary to deploy huge numbers of antennas and towers. This is good news because dead spots and performance issues within buildings and at crowded indoor and outdoor venues will be alleviated.

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VMware Strengthens HCI Platform via vSAN Upgrade

Michael Haag, group product marketing manager for VMware, says VMware vSAN 6.6 expands VMware’s efforts to make it simpler to operate data centers at scale.

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Security Professionals Feel More Pressure to Deliver Cybersecurity

Within an organization, security has to be a shared effort. Everyone needs to step up and stop expecting someone else to take the responsibility. That doesn't always happen.

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Apple vs. Qualcomm Litigation and the Nuclear Option

While the heart of this appears to be an ill-conceived effort to force Qualcomm to give Apple a unique discount and competitive advantage, that now seems unachievable due to the public nature of this dispute.

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How to Create a Work Environment That Works for Both Introverts and...

How do you go about managing both introverted and extroverted personality types while optimizing the work experience of each?

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IT Downloads

Compliance2 Building a GRC Program: Assessing Stakeholder Needs and Readiness

This table outlines the top needs of each stakeholder group that can help guide your conversations on priorities and needs for the GRC program.

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Security95 Guide to Cyber Threat Information Sharing

This publication provides guidelines for establishing and participating in cyber threat information sharing relationships.

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DataCtr5 Colocation Checklist

This checklist will help make sure you ask the important questions that will affect your colocation services and your eventual purchase decisions.

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email9 Trustworthy Email

This document provides recommendations and guidelines for enhancing trust in email, including transmission and content security recommendations.

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IT_Man77 Job Description: Technology Project Manager

Whether you're looking to hire one or looking for a position yourself, use this detailed job description to find out what the role of a Technology Project Manager entails.

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