Webscale Networks Looks to Simplify DR in the Cloud

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    Disaster recovery in the age of the cloud is a paradox in that it’s simultaneously simpler and more complex. The simpler part is that IT organizations don’t have to stand up entire data centers on their own to accomplish it. There is now a plethora of cloud service providers more than willing to provide the infrastructure needed. The more complex part is that the application workloads that need to be recovered are more distributed than ever, which makes replicating data to a secondary site both challenging to manage and costly to implement.

    To help simplify the disaster recovery process, Webscale Networks this week unfurled a Multi-Cloud Disaster Recovery offering that promises to enable IT organizations to recover from a disaster in less than hour with no more than 15 minutes of lost data.

    Webscale Networks CEO Sonal Puri says Multi-Cloud Disaster Recovery makes use of Webscale Cloud Mirror to continuously replicate data across multiple clouds and regions. Alternatively, IT organizations can opt to simply back up their data less frequently using the Webscale Backup system.

    In the case of Webscale Cloud Mirror, the entire backend of the IT environment, including the application and data servers as well as application delivery controllers (ADC), is made available in a way that allows the IT organization to be up and running in less than hour. In contrast, Puri says, other disaster recovery alternatives only make IT infrastructure available. They leave it up to the IT organization to recover their applications and data, says Puri.

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    Ultimately, Puri says, Webscale Networks is working toward getting the amount of time data might be lost down to five minutes. In addition, Puri says Webscale Networks is in the process of developing disaster recovery blueprints for specific types of applications.

    Regardless of the recovery time and point objectives, IT downtime these days is money. Given the dependency of the business on availability of IT applications, taking days to recover from a disaster is not an option. Instead, the expectation in the age of the cloud is that critical applications will be back online before most people in the organization know what to do next.

    Mike Vizard
    Mike Vizard
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