Top Six Reasons ECM Needs BPM

    When it comes to managing content, successful organizations are looking for much more than a digital filing cabinet. They’re looking for solutions that get the right content — whether structured or unstructured, paper or electronic, audio or video, photograph or email — into the right hands at the right time.

    To do that, they need solutions that combine traditional content management functionality (capture, security, search & retrieval, auditing, archiving, etc.) with business process management (BPM) tools to both manage and process information.

    In this slideshow, Laserfiche explores why the marriage of ECM and BPM makes sense.

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    Click through for six reasons the marriage of content management solutions and BPM makes sense, as identified by Laserfiche.

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    Eliminate human error from content-centric business processes.

    When you automate information capture and indexing, you eliminate the mistakes people can make when keying data into your systems. Additionally, when you automate document routing, you ensure that documents don’t accidentally go astray.

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    Increase visibility into business processes.

    By automating content-centric business processes such as case management or client onboarding, you gain increased monitoring and reporting capabilities. For example, it’s easy to collect statistics on how long it takes to complete each task, giving managers a better sense of how to improve performance each step of the way.

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    Improve efficiency by reducing the time participants spend executing their tasks.

    An effective ECM system can provide participants in business processes with customized instructions for the actions they need to take at any stage of the process, enabling them to complete tasks quickly without asking colleagues for help.

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    Eliminate bottlenecks by automatically escalating tasks that aren’t getting done.

    With the right ECM system, you can design processes to ensure that, if parts of a process are not completed in a timely manner, supervisors are notified swiftly so that corrective measures can be taken.

    Top Six Reasons ECM Needs BPM - slide 6

    Increase compliance.

    When your business process is complete, you can automatically apply records retention schedules to process-related content to ensure compliance with industry rules and regulations.

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    Reengineer content-centric processes based on past performance.

    When ECM and BPM are combined into one solution, managers can view aggregated business process data and make changes to the process where necessary.

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