MuleSoft Provides Hybrid Cloud Option for Integration

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    Given the fact that many of the applications that any organization needs to integrate exist outside the enterprise, it only makes sense that a lot of that integration should take place in neutral territory in the cloud. A lot of organizations just don’t want to have to share that space with anyone else.

    In recognition of that simple reality, MuleSoft has made available a hybrid cloud option with CloudHub, the integration platform the company makes available as a service.

    According to Chris Purpura, vice president and general manager for cloud integration at MuleSoft, CloudHub Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) provides organizations with a virtual private network (VPN) to access a portion of CloudHub that is isolated from every other integration instance running on the multi-tenant CloudHub platform.

    In addition, MuleSoft is making available CloudHub Fabric, which provides customers with a high-availability option on the CloudHub platform.

    Purpura says both CloudHub VPC and CloudHub Fabric are designed to appeal to traditional enterprise IT organizations that typically have major concerns relating to both compliance and availability. And, adds Purpura, they often do not have the people or skills available to build an integration platform in the cloud on their own.

    What many of those organizations don’t always appreciate is the fact that not every private cloud necessarily needs to run inside the enterprise.

    Mike Vizard
    Mike Vizard
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