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Security114-290x195 10 Critical Responsibilities of the Cybersecurity Manager

31 Aug, 2016

A cybersecurity manager's responsibilities will vary tremendously based on the size of the team and the industry, but here are some common responsibilities....More >

Security113-290x195 6 Types of Insiders that Could Be Working for You

31 Aug, 2016

The insider threat is not really a cybersecurity problem or a data analytics issue; it's a human risk problem that can only be solved by understanding how people think and behave....More >

OwnBackupCloudDataRisk0x Top 3 Cloud Backup Dangers and How to Avoid Them

29 Aug, 2016

The top three data dangers lurking in cloud environments and tips for how to manage data protection and backup in a SaaS-based world....More >

Media1-190x128.jpg 5 Ways to Boost Productivity with Content Automation

26 Aug, 2016

An effective content automation solution can ease the transition to a digital-first distribution strategy, helping companies preview and approve content across all platforms and media types....More >

ContinuumOpenSource0x 5 Ways to Solve the Open Source Industry's Biggest Problems

25 Aug, 2016

Five challenges preventing enterprise IT from shifting to open source and tips for tackling them to keep the future of open source heading in the right direction....More >

IT_Man83-190x128 How Developers Balance Speed and Quality

25 Aug, 2016

How does Dev balance the pressure for speed with the need to ensure quality? Here are a few best practices for striking an appropriate balance to ensure that speed and quality is not an either/or choice....More >

IT_Man82-190x128 5 Characteristics Professional IT Consultants Must Possess

25 Aug, 2016

Choosing the right consultant can make all the difference in whether a project succeeds or fails spectacularly. It is, therefore, essential that organizations take a close look at potential partners....More >

Telecom1-190x128.jpg Solving 5 Common Problems with Traditional Phone Systems

23 Aug, 2016

Five problems your traditional phone system will eventually experience and how VoIP can solve each one....More >

BlueCoatSecurityTrends0x Top 6 Trends that Impact Your Security Posture

19 Aug, 2016

Organizations need to take a more structured approach to analyzing the security impacts of recent trends and prioritizing their security investments....More >

CienaFogComputing0x Why Fog Networking Is Key to IoT Success

18 Aug, 2016

The IoT will require serious network investments to make its innovation potential a reality. Take a closer look at fog computing and why it is essential to making IoT a success....More >

Security111-190x128.jpg Beyond Email: 5 Alternative Ways to Fall Victim to Ransomware

17 Aug, 2016

While most ransomware reports have focused on phishing as the conduit for infection, organizations can fall victim in alternative ways....More >

mobile90-190x128.jpg 5 Reasons to Deploy VDI for Better IT Management

16 Aug, 2016

Are remote data-management concerns stalling your business initiatives? Here are five ways VDI can simplify IT management....More >

RKONITGrowthFlexibility0x Building High-Growth IT: 5 Things to Know Now

15 Aug, 2016

Five factors IT pros need to consider when strategizing and constructing a computing platform built for growth and flexibility....More >

Analytics19-290x195 How to Evaluate Predictive Analytics for Your Business

11 Aug, 2016

Predictive analytics uses past data to forecast outcomes and target the right prospects – a move that's redefining the use of data and insights in marketing....More >

IT_Man81-190x128 10 Bad Habits that Should Be Banned from the Workplace

09 Aug, 2016

Unhealthy work habits, like staring at computer screens and rushing through fast-food lunches, are taking their toll in the form of increased absenteeism, lost productivity and higher insurance costs....More >

infra93-190x128.jpg 5 Ways to Mitigate Costs Associated with Machine Data

08 Aug, 2016

To keep up with machine data growth and avoid costs it traditionally incurs, companies need to combine on-premises storage performance and availability with the elasticity and economics of the cloud....More >

Gov4-290x195 Top 10 Strategic Technologies for Government in 2016

04 Aug, 2016

To enable government transformation initiatives, public sector CIOs should focus on and have a plan for this list of 10 strategic technologies....More >

BaiduMobileAppDevStrategy0x 5 Core Components for Successful App Development

03 Aug, 2016

Failure to invest in these key app development items upfront could result in a substantial amount of lost time and money down the road....More >

IT_Man80-290x195 Preparing for the Evolution of the IT Administrator Role

02 Aug, 2016

The adage, "change is the only constant," holds true in the IT landscape like no other, forcing IT admins to constantly learn new skills and make strategic decisions....More >

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