Why the Open Source Stars Must Align

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Remove Duplication, Avoid Forks and Eliminate Refactoring

There are many talented developers within both OpenStack and Docker, but much of the collaboration is taking place at the developer level. As a result, Clark has noticed that multiple groups are often working on the same features, at the same time.  Additionally, developers are usually focusing on the best possible fit for their respective project, rather than the best fit for both groups. The end result is duplicate work that often needs additional resources to streamline.

To address duplication, more strategic collaboration needs to take place at a higher level. At the next OpenStack Summit, Docker leaders will make an appearance, presenting a new high-level overview of a development roadmap that will have both groups playing off a similar sheet of music.

Open source projects like OpenStack, Docker, OPNFV and OpenDaylight are more supported and better funded than ever before. They mark a broader trend of large, active and well-resourced open source projects that are among the leaders in Big Data, cloud computing, operating systems and development practices. Open source has come a long way in 30 years – and its success marks a new era for the overall OSS community.

But success does not come without potential pitfalls. One of the greatest obstacles to project success isn’t the proprietary competition – it’s the lack of communication between large open source projects like OpenStack and Docker.

With help from SUSE’s Alan Clark, board chairman for the OpenStack Foundation, here is how these open source successes must integrate more effectively, in order to succeed together.

Alan Clark, director of Industry Initiatives, Emerging Standards and Open Source at SUSE and board chairman for the OpenStack Foundation

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