Top Data Protection Predictions for 2014

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Prediction No. 4: Customers will demand a new way to purchase backup and recovery technology.

IDC predicts storage will grow by 50 times within the next 10 years. Research has shown that IT staffing is projected to grow by only 0.5 times over that same timeframe. IT departments need to learn how to do more with less, and companies who are using multiple backup and recovery solutions to protect data across their physical, virtual and cloud infrastructures will turn to all-in-one data protection solutions that protect information across heterogeneous environments. As a result, the Purpose Built Backup Appliance (PBBA), an all-in-one backup and recovery solution that customers can plug in and trust to protect rapidly expanding volumes of data across heterogeneous environments, will continue to be in high demand.

In addition to changes around what solutions companies buy, there will also be an evolution in how they purchase. Companies want to purchase technology the way they purchase consumer goods on the Internet. They want to conduct their own online research, and when they’re ready to make a purchase, they want simple pricing and a purchasing process that results in quick time to value. They do not want to be bombarded with outbound campaigns, cold calls and sales pitches.

In 2014, data protection vendors will adapt their sales models to accommodate the way customers want to purchase. Vendors that focus on inbound requests, holding meaningful conversations with prospects and making sure companies are buying through a channel in which they feel comfortable, will have the most success.

The data protection industry saw its fair share of trends in 2013, from disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) to the increased adoption of cloud backup. As virtual and cloud offerings become more mainstream, companies are becoming more aggressive in how they purchase and leverage them. As such, “the customer” will very much influence the data protection trends we see emerge in the year ahead. Here are five data protection trends for 2014, as identified by backup and recovery provider Unitrends.


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