Top 10 Traits of Successful IT Pros

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Character Attributes

Character attributes are generally things you are born with or have a natural tendency toward. It is true that talents and tendencies can be improved upon if you work at it. Set goals in these areas, and these skills will serve you well.

Be adaptable

If you like a steady routine with few if any interruptions and a high level of predictability, IT may not be for you. In fact, as an IT professional, you need to be adaptable at both the micro and macro levels.

At the micro level, things change minute-to-minute throughout the day. The email server crashes, a drive fails, or a senior member of your company deletes a file and needs you to get it back right away for a big meeting. These things are normal and happen every single day.

Likewise with your hours. You may be scheduled to work 9 to 5, but there is a very good chance that you will be called to work late to fix a problem, work over a weekend or a holiday to perform an upgrade or be called to get on an airplane and fly across the country to fix an urgent problem. This is the nature of IT and why we are compensated well when compared to many other careers.

What makes a successful IT professional? This has been discussed and debated and considered for years. While many technical abilities relate to a person's success – and all are vital – in this slideshow, John Hales, a Global Knowledge instructor, focuses on the general character attributes every IT pro should have and on the things that every IT pro should know or do. While general character attributes, like being ethical or inquisitive, are more difficult to learn and develop, professional skills, such as knowing when to say you don't know something or not being afraid to call technical support, can be learned and honed.

If you are considering becoming an IT professional, pay special attention to the character attributes to see if yours match. Anyone can improve in the "things you know or do" category, whether you are just starting out or have worked in the field for years.

John Hales, Global Knowledge Instructor, A+, Network+, CTT+, MCSE, MCDBA, MOUS, VCP, VCAP, VCI, EMCSA


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