The Seven Ways to Review Code Like a Boss

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The Seven Ways to Review Code Like a Boss

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No software development practice improves quality, builds skills or reveals the best developers like the code review. It's a critical process to examine software code in order to fix mistakes or find gaps that were overlooked in the development phase. Not only is it necessary to create the best quality and most user-friendly software – it's a vital skill and learning process for developers.

The code review, or in developer parlance, the pull request, is the number one way to set the tone, rhythm and bar needed to build a high-performing team. Bugs are cheaper to address the sooner they're found, and automated tests can find bugs and regressions. However, while automation can help check for known vulnerabilities, it can't tell you the code isn't following best practices, looks like a big mess of spaghetti, or is going to result in a maintenance nightmare. Developers who only rely on automated code reviews are doing their software and customers a disservice. That's why manual code reviews are so critical to the development process.

Since the code review is such an important practice, it's worthwhile to find the most effective way to review code to maximize its benefits. In this slideshow, Ed Hintz, senior development manager at Bandwidth, has identified seven ways you can code review like a boss.

Author Information:

Ed Hintz is a senior software professional, who has written code that has run on everything from nuclear submarines to the cloud and on many devices in between. Ed is passionate about building high performing software teams that love their craft and create amazing services for customers. He currently manages the Incubator team at Bandwidth and applies Lean Software Development principles to build next generation communication services like Ring.To.