The Robotic Automation Landscape of Today and Tomorrow

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What office robots mean for the economy

Despite concerns that robots are taking over jobs, Andrew McAfee and Eric Brynjolfsson attest in their latest book, "The Second Machine Age," that robots will take on tedious, rules-based jobs that are not well suited to humans. McAfee and Brynjolfsson contend that people will be able to take on more creative and strategic work, and that a huge opportunity exists for America to invest in training and entrepreneurship programs so that humans can stay ahead of these sophisticated machines.

Economists agree that all technology changes the nature of work performed by people. History shows that as mundane, repetitive and unsafe jobs have been automated, new jobs have been created and the economy, and people's standards of living, have improved.

We are on the cusp of a robotic revolution. While robots have long played a role in expediting factory operations, organizations are increasingly considering the opportunity to implement a digital workforce of software robots to take on administrative, back-office processes and transform the way we work on a global scale. In this slideshow, David Moss, founder and CTO of Blue Prism, takes a closer look at the robotic automation landscape of today and tomorrow.


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