The 11 Essentials of Enterprise Security

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Real-time endpoint threat detection and response continued

Best practices / advice:

Assess your endpoint security model:

  • Detection: Your solution should have the ability to detect attacks and advanced threats that evade or disable other defenses.
  • Analysis: Any technology designed to help identify and classify threats should have built-in automation to analyze and quickly understand attacker behavior, in real time, to manage an effective incident response.
  • Remediation: The ability to automatically or manually remediate is critical for long-term endpoint security.
  • Resistance: Technology that is able to automatically defend against bad files or known malware is great, but how your technology holds up against unknown attack methods and malware is the next generation of endpoint challenges. Technology that gets smarter over time in enterprise environments allows dynamic generation of profiles designed to resist specific threats.

Source: The experts at Countertack, whose product named Sentinel helps enterprises make endpoint security decisions easier.

The job of an enterprise's chief security officer (CSO) is a difficult one. Devising a strategy that ensures the company's network and data are secure can be a daunting challenge. With high profile breaches like Target and Adobe making headlines recently, enterprise security has finally been brought into the public spotlight. This newfound awareness has put the pressure on enterprises to assure their customers that they are taking every measure possible to boost their security.

This leaves executives asking, where do I start? With so many different considerations to take into account, there is no single solution that will meet all the security needs of a given organization.

Here are the 11 essentials for keeping your enterprise secure.


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