The 11 Essentials of Enterprise Security

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Service: Encryption

Description: Encryption is a process that encodes data in a way that only privileged users can access it. Once encoded, the data becomes useless, unless an individual has the correct key for decrypting it.

Importance: Data is often times an enterprises most valuable asset. With the emergence of BYOD, this asset is being stored and accessed in more places than ever before. This makes it more difficult than ever for IT administrators to prevent their data from falling into the wrong hands. Encryption serves as a last line of defense, ensuring that even if the data is lost or stolen, it remains inaccessible and safe.

Best practices / advice: Companies need to encrypt all sensitive data, but especially data which is stored on portable devices. Password protection is not enough to keep a device secure once it has fallen into the wrong hands. With the rise of BYOD, it is more important than even that enterprises have policies emplace demanding employees encrypt all sensitive corporate data.

Source: The experts at WinMagic, whose encryption solutions have been making it easier to secure corporate data since 1997.

The job of an enterprise's chief security officer (CSO) is a difficult one. Devising a strategy that ensures the company's network and data are secure can be a daunting challenge. With high profile breaches like Target and Adobe making headlines recently, enterprise security has finally been brought into the public spotlight. This newfound awareness has put the pressure on enterprises to assure their customers that they are taking every measure possible to boost their security.

This leaves executives asking, where do I start? With so many different considerations to take into account, there is no single solution that will meet all the security needs of a given organization.

Here are the 11 essentials for keeping your enterprise secure.


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