Survey Says IT Worker Stress Way Down, Pride Up

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Vast Majority of IT Professionals Are Satisfied With Their Choice of Career

Nearly half of entry- to mid-level (47 percent) and senior-level (45 percent) IT professionals consider their current work to be the most satisfying of their career, an increase over 2014 levels (39 and 42 percent, respectively). In fact, 70 percent of entry- to mid-level and 81 percent of senior-level IT professionals say they are currently proud of their career in IT and are proud of their current role, assignments and responsibilities, with 91 percent and 85 percent, respectively, indicating that they would go into IT again if given the chance to do things differently.

TEKsystems' Take: As stress levels decrease, IT workers are more likely to be content with their current positions and do not feel as though their talents are being stretched thin — or misaligned to inappropriate tasks — to make up for organizational deficiencies. Both groups are overwhelmingly happy with their choice to pursue a career in IT and nurturing this pride will help ensure that employees are productive and committed to working for their company long term.

According to a new report from TEKsystems, a leading provider of IT staffing solutions, the tech industry has seen a vast improvement in the IT working environment over the past year. Stress levels are down significantly from the last few years, and IT staff appear to be on top of their workloads and finally able to take some well deserved, and uninterrupted, downtime. Additionally, IT staff reported a renewed pride in their work and growing responsibility. Overall, the survey results point to a vast positive change in the stability of IT staffing environments as compared to a year ago.

"This year certainly paints a much rosier picture than last year — we've seen a significant drop in stress and a positive swing in pride and satisfaction," said TEKsystems Research Manager Jason Hayman. "While it's encouraging, organizations still need to ensure that their talent management and workforce strategies are aligned to avoid overworked staff, unrealistic workloads or internal discord if they want to continue this positive momentum."

The findings represent the views of over 1,000 IT professionals. Key highlights are featured in this slideshow.


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