Survey Indicates Improved Outlook on IT Administrator Stress in U.S.

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Of great concern is the impact that work stress has on health and relationships. The 2013 numbers show a slight improvement, but the problem is still pervasive among IT administrators. While 73 percent of participants revealed that their jobs have negatively impacted their personal lives in a general way, the survey discovered some specific impacts:

  • 21 percent of IT administrators have suffered stress-related health issues – such as high blood pressure – due to their work. This number actually slightly increased from 20 percent in 2012.
  • One in five respondents (20 percent) indicated they do not feel great physically as a result of stress, which is an improvement from last year when 22 percent said that was the case.
  • 34 percent of respondents have lost sleep due to work. This is an eight point drop from 42 percent last year.
  • Another 16 percent revealed they have experienced a strained or failed relationship due to work stress. Twenty percent thought that was the case last year.

GFI Software™ recently announced the results of its second annual IT administrator stress survey, which revealed that the number of IT professionals considering leaving their job due to workplace stress has declined from 67 percent last year to 57 percent in 2013, a 10 point drop in one year. While the percentages are still staggeringly high, the results suggest a measure of improvement in working conditions and attitudes over the past 12 months. The outlook is not so rosy in the UK (see this related announcement: GFI Survey Shows Rise in IT Administrators Wanting Career Change Due to Stress), where 73 percent of IT professionals are considering leaving their job due to workplace stress, an increase of four percentage points from last year’s figures.

The independent blind survey of 207 IT administrators in U.S. organizations with more than 10 employees was conducted from March 5-12 by Opinion Matters on behalf of GFI Software. The survey gauged respondents’ stress levels at work and revealed their opinions on their main stressors, as well as how their stress level compares to friends and family, and how it affects their personal and professional lives.

Nearly one-third of those surveyed cited dealing with managers as their most stressful job requirement, particularly for IT staff in organizations with fewer than 50 or more than 500 employees. The other top sources of workplace stress for IT managers were lack of IT staff and tight deadlines, with 24 percent and 20 percent of respondents, respectively, citing these as primary contributors to their stress levels.


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