Six Features to Explore Before Choosing Your Next Phone System

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An application programming interface (API) may be one of the most important features to look for in your next phone system. An API allows a software developer to extend the functionality of your phone system by integrating it with other third-party business applications, such as your preferred CRM software. Ultimately, this means you can increase employee productivity, improve customer service and get more life out of your phone system investment.

You shouldn’t be limited to just the standard features your phone system includes. As you grow, an API gives you the flexibility to tailor your phone system to your evolving business needs. If you think of a feature that would help you save time or money by accessing it through your phone system, API access makes this enhancement possible without having to invest in an entirely new solution.

Tip: Ask if your phone system provides API access and what programming languages are supported. You’ll want to listen for common languages that any software developer or IT professional will be familiar with, such as PERL or PHP.

Businesses that don’t have a dedicated IT staff sometimes feel like they need a magic decoder to shop for a new phone system. However, learning to identify and evaluate six key features is a simple, but thorough, way of ensuring businesses get what they really need.

In this slideshow, Digium decodes six basic phone system features – interactive voice response (IVR), unified communications (UC), voice over Internet protocol (VoIP), fixed mobile convergence (FMC), bring your own device (BYOD) and application programming interface (API) – so companies can shop for a solution and get back to business.

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