Mobile Work Force Sees Rise in Productivity, Stress Levels

  • Mobile Work Force Sees Rise in Productivity, Stress Levels-

    Click through for results from a mobile work force survey, conducted by iPass, Inc.

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Mobile Work Force Sees Rise in Productivity, Stress Levels

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iPass Inc., a leading provider of mobility services for enterprises and telecom service providers, recently published its quarterly Mobile Workforce Report, which found that 60 percent of mobile employees reported 50 to 60 hour-plus work weeks that also include weekend days as the most popular time to work remotely. The report also illustrates mobile workers' resourcefulness in doing whatever it takes to get wireless connectivity: 29 percent have hijacked an unsecure Wi-Fi network, while 30 percent have driven around in their car in desperation to find free Wi-Fi. In addition the report found a 16 percent increase, since 2011, of mobile workers waking through the night due to stress.

"Connectivity is like oxygen for today's mobile workers. The improved ability to work anywhere as long as they are connected appears to be driving higher productivity. This reinforces the need for IT departments to provide services that ensure high quality, safe and affordable global connectivity for their employees," said Evan Kaplan, chief executive officer at iPass. "While having control over when, where and how one works is a significant benefit in terms of well-being, mobile workers themselves need to take care to manage the unique stressors that an always connected work-life brings."

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