Improving IT Efficiency in a Virtual World

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Click through for IT efficiency survey results from a Forrester Consulting study conducted on behalf of TeamQuest.

Companies looking to reduce their expenses and their data center footprint have found success in moving to a virtual environment. Unfortunately, many have overlooked the process of managing that environment to meet current and future business requirements cost-effectively – a process known as capacity planning.

But a recent survey conducted by Forrester Consulting and commissioned by TeamQuest noted that more companies are understanding the importance of capacity planning in ensuring the continued success of their virtual environments.

Of the 61 percent of the 220 companies surveyed that are moving to virtual environments, 58 percent said they had implemented a capacity planning process. Those numbers are up sharply from the 2008 results (the last time the study was conducted), when 50 percent said they were moving to a virtual environment and 40 percent had implemented capacity planning.

The reasons cited ranged from increasing customer satisfaction to improving IT efficiency, but it’s clear that capacity planning is an important element of the virtualization process. Taking steps now to ensure your applications continue to work effectively in the long run could save your company untold future costs, further emphasizing the benefits of virtualization.

Moving to a virtual environment and simply hoping for the best in the future just won’t work; planning for the future – and then making adjustments as necessary – is the best way to ensure success.


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