Top 10 Computer Malware Programs

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Top 10 Computer Malware Programs

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Research carried out by G Data Security Labs indicates that unclosed security holes in browser plug-ins are very much in fashion with bands of cyber criminals. This distribution concept means that current security holes are far from being the only ones exploited by the perpetrators, as evidenced in the current malware analysis for the month of May 2011. In the previous month alone, four of the top 10 computer malware programs had been targeting Java security holes for which Oracle has been offering an update since March 2010. The German IT security provider also noted another increase in malware that installs adware or tries to lure users to install bogus antivirus programs.

According to estimates by G Data experts, the malware industry has been focusing on Java security holes since the end of last year. This kind of computer malware is already dominating the malware landscape and has recently ousted PDF security holes from the top 10. "Even though an enormous number of program updates are being provided, users should not be fooled into deactivating automatic update functions. Not only does this apply to Java, but it should also apply in general to all browser plug-ins used and all applications installed on the PC," recommends Ralf Benzmüller, head of G Data Security Labs. Users can go to the website www.java.com to carry out a quick check as to whether they have installed the most up-to-date Java version and all corresponding updates on their computer.

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