Five Tips for Boosting Web Performance

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Five Tips for Boosting Web Performance

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Your company’s brand is everywhere. It’s reflected in print ads and commercials, at your retail locations, through your call center, in the quality of your product or service, and in the online experience you deliver to your customers.

In fact, more and more, online experiences shape the perception of your brand. Every time a consumer visits your website, you have the opportunity to increase your brand value — and, in turn, increase customer engagement, drive conversions and build long-lasting relationships.

Whether you run a B2B portal, an online store, or a corporate marketing or support site, you’re continually trying to improve the way a consumer interacts with your brand — for example, by integrating rich media and personalization into your Web delivery. Unfortunately, the same features that are intended to enhance consumer engagement can actually detract from your brand if they cause your site to perform poorly.

The time it takes to load a Web page depends on the load times for scores of individual pieces of content. If you can save even a few milliseconds for every object, you can have an impact on the consumer’s experience of that page. Here are Limelight Network’s favorite easy-to-implement tips for improving the performance of your site.

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