Lessons Learned with Client Virtualization: Plan, Plan, and Plan

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Lessons Learned with Client Virtualization: Plan, Plan, and Plan

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IT professionals are the ultimate multitaskers – balancing data center priorities, equipment issues and end user needs and making sure that everything and everyone is perfectly synced and functioning smoothly. Let’s not forget to mention that every day we find new “must have” tools and applications for IT to support.

To help ease the potential for to-do list overload, organizations are turning to client virtualization – and its subsets presentation, application, and desktop virtualization – which offers IT control over the client infrastructure while providing end users with the quality computing experience they need and want. Client virtualization can eliminate IT staffs’ pain points by reducing costs, improving security and improving their ability to quickly deploy new applications to users.

In September 2010, CDW surveyed 200 IT managers at medium and large businesses to understand what is driving client virtualization, how it is being used in data centers, and to identify the key roadblocks to success. In addition, they asked how businesses are monitoring their return on investment (ROI) from client virtualization.

The report found that 90 percent of businesses are considering or implementing at least one form of client virtualization, but finds that many organizations are underestimating the deployment complexity of client virtualization. Of those considering or implementing it, 97 percent noted that they experienced challenges with implementation, and their top challenges have been:

  • Ensuring the technology will work on an individual level
  • Estimating ROI
  • Training end users to adopt the technology

With 59 percent of businesses reporting that their client virtualization goals are equally or more important than their server virtualization goals, the CDW Client Virtualization Straw Poll results point to a need for increased up-front analysis, education and testing to enable businesses to take full advantage of client virtualization.

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