Windows 7 Winning Fans Among CIOs

  • Windows 7 Winning Fans Among CIOs-
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Windows 7 Winning Fans Among CIOs

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Rob Enderle is at the IT Business Edge Midmarket CIO Summit where he is focusing on the needs and concerns of CIOs in mid-sized businesses and government organizations.  Rob is doing the talk on Windows 7 deployment best practices, and to prepare for that talk he's interviewed around 10 companies that have either deployed Windows 7 or are in trials with it. 

In Don Tennant’s CIO panel last night he asked how their trials were going, and the CIOs who responded were consistent with what Rob has found. The trials are going vastly better than expected, and a high percentage of CIOs appear to be major fans of the offering.

This slideshow is the outline fo Rob's presentation to the group. To get more insight on Rob's findings on Windows 7's warm reception in the enterprise, be sure to check out his blog.