Seven Reasons Marketers Must Pay Attention to Big Data

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Customers shop cross-channel and cross-device.

Proper attribution can track users across browsers, computers and devices. This is a vital consideration for marketers, as the average American owns 1.57 mobile devices. For example, if Sally sees an ad on her iPad for a new pair of sneakers, then searches for sneaker reviews on her cell phone the next day, and three days later purchases the shoes from her laptop, proper attribution can connect the dots between those separate devices and track Sally from her first exposure all the way through to conversion, scientifically crediting each touchpoint along the way.

Big Data was one of the hottest phrases of 2013, said first by technologists, and now echoed across organizations, especially by marketers. Why? Because marketing is no longer just an art; it’s a science. Marketers need to measure increasingly complex campaigns and customer touchpoints, and they haven’t always been comfortable with the number-crunching side of their jobs. But when they realized Big Data can empower them within an organization – and that smart tools can help creative types analyze data to answer critical questions – marketers quickly got on board.

Marketing campaigns generate Big Data across multiple channels, but how can a marketer make sense of it all? The answer lies in attribution. Not last-touch or first-touch, but regression-based, algorithmic attribution that tracks users across their entire paths to purchase from first exposure to conversion, and scientifically attributes value to each marketing touchpoint. In 2014, marketers will increasingly use Big Data and attribution to validate their marketing dollars.

Jeff Zwelling, CEO and co-founder of Convertro, presents seven reasons why marketers need to pay attention to Big Data and learn how to use it to their advantage.


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