Seven Apps Critical to Mobilizing Employees

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Seven Apps Critical to Mobilizing Employees

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According to a Citrix Mobile Analytics report released in the first half of 2015, the number of devices managed in the enterprise nearly doubled, growing by 72 percent year over year. Needless to say, organizations are adopting mobility to drive transformation and competitive advantage in the market. This is where becoming "truly mobile" comes into play. 

One becomes truly mobile when they are able to do everything on the mobile device of their choice that they can do from behind a desk in an office. There should be no limitations and nothing pulling them back to the office — especially during the summer months. One major component in becoming truly mobile is, of course, the management of mobile apps.

For many organizations, the risk of a rogue or questionable mobile app has led to apps being blocked, slowing productivity. That's why Citrix executives Manoj Raisinghani, vice president, Product Marketing, Mobile Platforms Group and William Lau, principal product marketing manager, are sharing seven types of applications you should be using to become "truly mobile" and manage apps within your organization, so that risks are minimized and efficiency remains.