Reimagining Business and Tech in the Digital Age

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Broad Responsibility

As information technology increasingly pervades each and every job title, CIOs will find themselves responsible for a broader variety of organizational functions than ever before — and the progressive CIOs will embrace this change.

Thanks to a new generation of SaaS- and PaaS-based solutions, organizations are transforming from the inside out, becoming more streamlined as the formerly disparate departments of IT and the line-of-business come together. For a traditional CIO, this might sound like a nightmare — a future where rogue business types consider themselves more IT-savvy than IT, and developer staff bandwidth is consumed by business objectives.

For the progressive CIO, this represents an opportunity. By bringing IT and line-of-business closer together under a new unified application development paradigm, forward-thinking organizations will address challenges on the IT side by empowering a new generation of agile citizen developers to assemble and maintain dynamic apps without becoming mired in lines of custom code — thereby improving agility on the business side by giving those closest to the problem at hand the tools to find and implement the solution.

Digital transformation is quickly changing the way businesses work. It is no longer just the marketing department's territory, but has seeped through to other branches like IT and operations — sparking significant changes in the way organizations hire, work and measure success.

We've long been talking about the tech talent shortage as an industry, but one theme that will quickly emerge from this slideshow is that there isn't a shortage as much as a need to reimagine traditional tech roles, matching them with emerging processes and trends. The more forward-looking organizations and CIOs are well on their way to accommodating this new paradigm — they have new (or no) job descriptions, they do things differently from their predecessors, and they have new goals and metrics. What's more, this trend will become more mainstream in 2016, causing CIOs to quickly become smarter with the concept of digital transformation and the changes it brings in its wake.

Here are five ways IT is going to change in 2016, as identified by John Carione, product marketing and strategy leader, Intuit QuickBase.


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