Nine Email Scandals that Underscore the Need for Proper Archiving

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The White House

The National Security Archive sued the White House over the apparent loss of five million emails.

In 2007, the National Security Archive sued the White House in order to recover and preserve more than five million White House email messages that were deleted from White House computers between March 2003 and October 2005. According to National Security Archive director Tom Blanton, "the Bush White House broke the law and erased our history by deleting those email messages. The period of the missing email starts with the invasion of Iraq and runs through the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina."

As a result of the lawsuit, the defendants found 22 million more emails than they could find in 2005 and identified "other repositories" of emails, which added one million emails to the archive. This lawsuit paved the way for a new email archiving system, which is currently being used in the White House.

It's critical for organizations to easily access documents, emails and even text messages. If those forms of information are deleted without being properly preserved, they could be lost forever. This poses an issue when a company needs to provide these records to aid regulatory compliance, a legal suit or an employee dispute.

There have been countless examples of how an archiving system has impacted a company, both negatively and positively. Being able to easily access archived documents, emails and messages takes the guesswork out of certain situations and will ultimately protect your company if used correctly. Greg Arnette, founder and CTO, Sonian, a pioneer in cloud-powered archiving, has identified nine situations in which having records accessible, or not having records accessible, has largely affected companies and employees.


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