Key Reasons for Businesses to Upgrade to Windows 10

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Instead of building separate operating systems for desktop and mobile, Windows 10 focuses on one, universal system for all devices. Microsoft said this represents the latest step in its "platform convergence journey." It wanted to allow one app to run across every Windows device -- phones, tablets, laptops, PCs, and even Xboxes. The goal is to drive scale, deliver unique experiences, and maximize developer interests. 

The fact is that consumers today don't rely on just one device. Forty percent of people switch devices mid-activity, and people use different devices for different purposes. This is just as true in the business world, where mobile work is on the rise. With its emphasis on interoperability and universal apps, Windows 10 makes switching back and forth between devices a breeze.

Windows 10 promises to be the most widely adopted operating system ever, and Microsoft hopes that on the desktop, it will hit one billion computers.

Expectations are high because Windows 10 represents a major departure from Windows 8, which was not well-received by businesses. Microsoft learned from its mistakes. The new operating system is user-friendly, and offers cross-device familiarity and universal apps. This increases the presence of Windows tablets and phones within organizations, which is key for today's increasingly mobile workforce. In addition, Windows 10 enables enterprise apps to be built "once" and deployed/optimized on all devices.

Most significantly, Cortana, Windows 10's voice-activated assistant, can be a change agent for how users interact with the desktop PC. Voice-enabled commands will likely change a user's behavior more than touch screens did. Because while touch is good for tablets, phones, and even laptops, it is not for desktops -- voice makes the difference. Voice recognition and machine learning will enable new and innovative scenarios.

In this slideshow, Thomas Koll, CEO of Laplink, takes a deeper look at the key reasons businesses should upgrade to Windows 10.


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