How Bots Are Going to Work to Increase Efficiency

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Bots Are Helping College Grads Find Jobs

How can employers find the best fit among all of the resumes they receive from the latest round of college graduates? Enter "Billi," the newest chatbot, and member of the SapientRazorfish interview squad. "To help gain some ground with this ‘always-on’ generation and find a way in which a candidate’s affinity for Snapchat’s latest filter could help them discover the best fit for a company, Billi was created in order to engage potential junior candidates through an optional quiz that focuses on Snapchat personality," explained Kristina Shedd, VP of Talent Acquisition (and head of HR) for SapientRazorfish. "This chatbot is meant to make for a fun experience that introduces talent to the company in an era when many organizations are leveraging unorthodox methods, such as social media contests and rapid-fire, in-person training programs, in order to attract top millennial talent in the digital transformation space."

Bots are moving into the workplace. In fact, you may have interacted with one today. Citing a study by Oracle, Business Insider reported that 80 percent of decision makers surveyed reported that they are already using or plan to use chatbots by the year 2020. Also, in an IT Business Edge post, Don Tennant wrote: "Within the next decade, the customer experience in obtaining goods and services will be dramatically altered by the emergence of bots that communicate with each other, leaving nothing for us humans to do in the process other than letting our personal bots know what it is we want."

You can categorize the bots in several ways, explained Vaclav Vincalek, CTO with Peer Effects. You can split them based on: Platform (Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft); Communication (conversation, listen); Purpose (customer service, selling); Interface (voice, text only, visual); Audience (personal assistant, corporate); and Industry (retail, banking, health).

"Based on this classification," Vincalek said, "you can cover most of the bot activity in the market space."

Here are a few ways that businesses are adopting bots to enhance business practices.

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