Five Ways Service Management Combats M&A Hurdles

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Five Ways Service Management Combats M&A Hurdles-7

Going through a merger and acquisition (M&A) or significant business growth over a short period of time is challenging, with hurdles popping up to inhibit a smooth transition toward productivity. IT teams and other functional service teams play an important role in clearing those hurdles and accelerating the work required when dealing with large influxes of new employees and processes.

Ohio-based CareWorks Family of Companies (CareWorks) provides its more than 100,000 customers with a variety of services, including workers' compensation medical management, risk management, absence management, third-party administration, compliance consulting and vocational rehabilitation. When CareWorks was acquired by York Risk Services Group (RSG) in early 2014, York RSG scaled CareWorks' cloud service management platform through York RSG to support all service center operations, including all current acquisitions (six in 2014 alone) and future acquisitions.

Here are five key business areas in which service management helped streamline the infrastructure and process challenges of M&As for CareWorks.


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