Five Tips for Motivating Virtual Teams

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Five Tips for Motivating Virtual Teams

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During a 2010 survey, the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) found that 43 percent of HR professionals believe a larger portion of their work force will be telecommuting within the next five years. As a rapidly growing and global trend, telecommuting — a work arrangement in which employees do not meet at a central location — can pose new challenges in employee engagement and motivation. In order to help leaders engage remote employees and overcome potential time and geographical constraints, The Vaya Group, a talent management consultancy, recently released its top tips for motivating virtual teams.

“As more companies expand globally, telecommuting is becoming a common work arrangement for many employees,” said Dr. Paul Eccher, Ph.D., author and co-founder and principal of The Vaya Group. “However, just because these workers are out of sight does not mean they should be kept out of the loop. Leaders must learn how to effectively manage virtual teams in order to improve the bottom line and sustain talent over time.”