Five Things that Field Workers Hate and How to Fix Them

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Status Reporting

Status reporting is to field workers as sand is to oysters. Even though it's irritating, it's a necessary part of safety, productivity and optimization. There are many people who need to have a clear vision of what's going on in the field. The dispatcher wants to know if engineers are on time, the supervisor wants the accountability of each worker, and management wants to know if customers are being taken care of in the most efficient manner.

It Works in Both Directions

With a mobile workforce management solution, engineers can easily let dispatchers and managers know the status of their job and what's happening throughout the day.

For office personnel – simply glance at the schedule for any update and be confident that no job has been missed.

For field workers – quickly continue with the task at hand without disruptive phone calls and know that help can be sent immediately and schedules can be arranged to accommodate the situation.

Safety Is a Status Issue

Don't forget the safety issues that surround a good mobility solution and status reporting. Dispatchers are concerned about not only getting the job done, but also keeping the field engineer safe.

By watching real-time job status updates and identifying exceptions and deviations from the schedule, dispatchers can offer help in many different ways:

  • Send a spare or missing part
  • Send assistance to finish a complicated job
  • Reschedule the next task so the job doesn't fall behind schedule
  • Send help in an emergency situation

We all know that happy workers provide better service. In the service industry, there is an even greater drive to create a happy customer experience — and a field worker's unhappiness can easily turn into lost productivity and a damaging customer experience.

What if you could fix some of the things that your field workers hate? Mike Karlskind at ClickSoftware outlines five things that field workers hate, along with simple, actionable suggestions on how to fix them using mobile solutions. After all, happy workers lead to greater productivity, better service and a better customer experience — and that's the bottom line.


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