Five Reasons Why Information Security Is Everyone's Job

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Reason #5: Because privacy is being redefined by all of us.

It used to be that privacy of information was all about protecting regulated data. But now, your information is everywhere. It's spread out, it's ubiquitous, and we have lost control over it. For every online transaction – email, tweet or message – its digital shadow grows as copies are stored, backed up and archived on systems at your bank, service provider or intermediaries along the way. You couldn't get your information back even if you tried. Once you've keyed or texted it, it's out there.

The old notion of privacy is dead. The good news: Together, we as citizens have the power to redefine what the new model of privacy needs to be.

Privacy is not just about protecting every little piece of data. Privacy now refers to a trust relationship that we are party to and responsible to co-create. Consider the trust agreement with people who house your data. How are they going to use that data? How will your information fit in a bigger mosaic, or be used to interpolate something else about you that you don't want others to know? For us to engage effectively in the dialogue, we have to become competent on these baseline issues. We must reflect on what and where the boundaries need to be placed. These are good discussions to become a part of as Big Data rapidly evolves our virtual info-scapes.

How do you nurture your inner security geek? Be an advocate of yourself and your information, and understand the trust relationship you are entering into when you accept policies around privacy. Join the dialogue as we redefine privacy and make your views known. We are all part of it. Consider this your 'Inner Security Geek Call to Action'!

We often think of information security as the realm of highly technical geeks, incomprehensible and happy to remain so. But the truth is that each one of us, as we learn to navigate an increasingly digital, mobile and social info-scape, is getting in touch with our 'inner security geek.' Information security has broken out of the confines of the technically elite and is becoming part of everyone's job and day-to-day life. And that's a good thing.

In this slideshow, Yo Delmar, vice president of GRC, MetricStream, has identified five reasons why information security has become everyone's responsibility, not just the IT department.


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