Five Reasons Why Information Security Is Everyone's Job

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Rapid Tech Evolution

Reason #3 - Because workplace technology is evolving so rapidly, you need to help out.

New and burgeoning technology — from social to cloud, mobile, or the Internet of Things — brings escalating threats and vulnerabilities. A recent article in the Financial Times quoted cybersecurity chiefs who estimated that 90 percent of the vulnerabilities are known, and have known patches. But they just haven't been remediated yet.

Your workplace IT and security teams suffer from limited budgets and limited staff. They struggle to prioritize investments in defenses for critical assets. Don't make their job harder.

As we become more digitally connected in the workplace, contractors, suppliers and customers have access to all sorts of things that they didn't have access to even five years ago. The pervasiveness of technology puts power at your fingertips, making it more important for you to become more conscious of what's going on around you. The perpetrator of a security breach may be an insider. For example, Edward Snowden was a third-party consultant in the NSA. People around him knew he had elevated access, and some knew that he was doing some odd things. You might experience anomalies in your workplace, such as someone asking for access to your computer: "Can you lend me your password? I just have to check one little thing." Ask yourself: Why is that person asking you to go against a norm or a policy or a process to satisfy their request? And don't be afraid to say no.

How do you nurture your inner security geek? Whenever you see an anomaly in your digital work world – from a customer, supplier or fellow employee - report it. Do your bit to help out.

We often think of information security as the realm of highly technical geeks, incomprehensible and happy to remain so. But the truth is that each one of us, as we learn to navigate an increasingly digital, mobile and social info-scape, is getting in touch with our 'inner security geek.' Information security has broken out of the confines of the technically elite and is becoming part of everyone's job and day-to-day life. And that's a good thing.

In this slideshow, Yo Delmar, vice president of GRC, MetricStream, has identified five reasons why information security has become everyone's responsibility, not just the IT department.


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