Five CRM Initiatives that Can Help You Build Better Customer Relations

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Consider Live Chat with Customers

Any good CRM software is going to be easily customizable—allowing you to select the tools that can help your business grow. One tool that many CRM platforms integrate into their suite of features is a live chat tool. Being able to live chat with customers that click through to your website offers a low barrier to entry when it comes to communicating with them, and it can be effective in getting your website visitors to engage with your company. A live chat feature can be especially effective if you run an e-commerce site where customers might have product questions, as the quicker you can respond to customer needs, the more likely you are to evangelize them. Sareen wouldn't, however, recommend this feature to companies that can't spare the manpower to have customer service representatives online at all times, as there's no point in lowering the barrier to customer engagement if there's no one on the other end to talk to. If you are ready to integrate a live chat feature into your current CRM system, you might consider checking out LiveChat.inc, which is particularly good at integrations with multiple CRM and CMS systems. The cost of doing business with a live chat function might be high, but the benefits can include solving customer problems on the spot, as well as providing a wealth of new leads for your sales team.   

When we hear the term CRM, we typically think of generating leads and bolstering sales funnels, and to be sure, a major benefit of any CRM platform is to build your company's bottom line by giving you the tools to go out and find consumers that you can convert into customers. But, sadly, businesses too often tend to think of CRM solely in terms of how it affects ROI via new customer acquisition and client retention. Wouldn't it be better if we also used our CRM platforms to build customer relations from a more organic perspective?

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Maintaining customer relationships isn't just about generating new leads and converting those leads. It's also not solely about fixing customer problems. It's about going above and beyond what's expected and getting your constituency to engage in the conversations that you've created. And whether you're a small, mid-sized or enterprise-level company, one thing that your customers expect is transparency. This means that if you're not adapting to how consumers expect companies to behave, then you will probably end up losing potential or current customers to your competitors.

How should companies behave? In this day and age, marketing material has shifted from the standpoint of helping businesses sell to helping consumers buy and, as a result, consumers are more educated than ever about the products that they're in the market for. As a direct correlation of this shift, CRM platforms have grown from solely existing as lead generation tools and have evolved into major drivers behind loyalty and relationship management. That being said, many companies still aren't unlocking the full potential of their CRM systems in terms of how they can use them to help facilitate communications across the board. In this slideshow, Himanshu Sareen, CEO of Icreon Tech, has identified five CRM initiatives that he believes will help you connect better with the people who help build your bottom line, and keep it going strong.  


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