Five Common Excuses for Avoiding Windows Migrations

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Unfortunately, the perceived benefits of a new OS are generally obvious only to IT teams. How can an organization be prepared to pay for something it does not understand to be hugely beneficial? How can they allow budget when the project cost is significantly higher than most other IT projects?

IT teams should consider two tactics that can help build the business case for a migration. First, reduce costs. Secondly, learn to justify projects financially. This second process is easier said than done; 1E built a new business analysis team from the best experts around, and tasked them with helping clients demonstrate the value of a migration project, for example, to the business.

Why do large organizations delay in migrating their users to the latest Windows operating system (OS)? According to Sumir Karayi, CEO of 1E, they often hear five major excuses that prevent IT from staying current in terms of the operating system, and many other technologies. This understanding comes from the work 1E has done with more than 1500 organizations over the last 15 years, and offers insight to combat these commonly overheard defenses.


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