Five Best Apps for Business Travelers

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While your company may not be willing to shell out the funds for car services to and from your hotel, conference, etc., you can still travel in style with mobile limo service app, Uber. Uber allows you to signal your need for a ride, prompting an out-of-service town car to pick you up. Using the map on your phone's GPS, the app will tell the driver exactly where you are and send the nearest available car. When you download the app, you can insert your company or personal card, which will automatically charge you for the cost of the ride as well as the tip. While this app is still growing and is only available in certain cities throughout the U.S. and internationally, it makes the hassle of company travel easy and seamless, with a record of all transportation costs recorded in the app. The app is free and available on both iOS and Android

When heading out for a business trip, either domestic or international, there are a variety of different apps travelers can use to ease the traditional pain-points of being on the road. Here are a few that help with organization, cutting costs and staying connected.


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