Fifty Technology Start-Ups to Watch

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  • Appistry (MO) – Appistry orchestrates solutions to Big Data problems, and since 2001, the company’s fabric technology has empowered organizations and researchers to transform vast data into actionable intelligence.
  • Exasol (CA) – For more than a decade, the company has focused exclusively on delivering ultra-fast, massively scalable analytic performance. The company’s flagship product, EXASolution, is a high-performance in-memory database designed specifically for analytics.
  • Formation Data Systems (CA) – Formation Data Systems believes information technology infrastructure is about to go through a fundamental shift from client-server computing to hyper-scale computing driven primarily by modern application models that seek to compose capabilities as API-based services. This change will be as significant as the shift from mainframe to client-server computing decades ago.
  • FotoPunch (UT) – FotoPunch is a revolutionary new cloud-based time and attendance system for mobile use. The concept of FotoPunch arose as they realized the burning need for a time management system that could be used anywhere without access to the internet. The obvious solution was the cell network, so they set out to develop a solution.
  • MEMSQL (CA) – MemSQL was created with a single mission: bringing a simple, fast, and scalable database solution to today’s Big Data problems. One of the biggest challenges of Big Data – the massive amounts of information generated by modern enterprises – is how to react to the terabytes and even petabytes of data created. By making analytics faster and easier to use, MemSQL reduces complex infrastructure into a unified platform that empowers businesses to be responsive in real time.

The Dell Center for Entrepreneurs has announced its first-ever Founders Club 50, an exclusive group of emerging companies that have technology as a critical backbone and are poised for rapid growth.

“The Founders Club 50 is a great opportunity for these start-ups, all of whom are on the verge of reaching the next level of innovation.”

Dell has identified the group as the 50 start-ups and founders to watch in spring 2014 and is putting its power behind them to help them reach their objectives. Dell will provide the companies – all on the verge of becoming leaders in their industries – access to an exclusive marketing effort and associated resources designed to grow their businesses.

A new Founders Club 50 class will be announced bi-annually, and Dell is currently accepting applications for the Fall 2014 class. Each participating company will take part in the Founders Club 50 for a two-year term, with programming designed to accelerate their growth, focusing on technology, sales enablement, networking and capital. Member companies also will receive marketing support via inclusion in Dell's social media, marketing materials and public relations efforts.

"The Founders Club 50 is a great opportunity for these start-ups, all of whom are on the verge of reaching the next level of innovation," said Ingrid Vanderveldt, Dell Entrepreneur in Residence. "The program creates a win-win; by serving as a trusted advisor to these companies at this crucial early stage, we hope they will continue to grow with Dell in the future. Dell has always seen the value in fostering innovation and entrepreneurship, and the Founders Club 50 is the natural next step in continuing to help high-growth start-ups expand their networks, find valuable resources and use technology to transform their businesses."

As some of the Founders Club 50 companies are currently operating in stealth mode, a few of the member companies have not been listed.


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