A Look at How Graphs Are Impacting Our Everyday Lives

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Real-Time Recommendations

E-commerce giant Amazon has set the standard for real-time recommendations with its famous "You may also like…" feature. Following Amazon's lead, a slew of enterprises have started offering real-time suggestions to online consumers. Recommendation engines powered by graph databases allow companies to offer personalized product, content and service suggestions.

One example is Walmart, which handles almost 250 million customers weekly through its 11,000 stores and its retail websites in 10 countries. By using a graph database to power its retail recommendation engine, Walmart connects complex buyer and product data to gain insight into customer needs and product trends – all in real time.

You've probably used a product or service powered by a graph database within the last few hours. From social media sites like Twitter and Facebook to real-time recommendations on eBay, graphs impact our lives every day.

Whether you're identifying a potential dating match or mapping the suspicious behaviors of a fraud ring, the uses and applications of graph databases are endless. Graphs are ideal for today's next-generation applications because they efficiently store both data and its relationships – something other databases simply can't do.

In this slideshow, Neo Technology provides a look at the range of unexpected ways graphs impact our everyday lives.


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