5 Mobile Development Trends for 2016

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Location-Based Services (LBS)

The location-based services (LBS) market is growing at an incredible 38 percent compound annual growth rate and is expected to quadruple in the coming years. So far, LBS-enabled apps have mostly been limited to telling people where their friends are. However, the market has far more potential than that. Tech giants like Google and Apple are investing heavily in the space, with some of their largest acquisitions being LBS startups (e.g., Waze for $1 billion).

There are huge opportunities in indoor mapping, navigation services, location-based payments, safety, security and more. A number of technologies like beacons, sensors and magnetic fields are being deployed, representing a major shift in computing. The market is ripe for development right now, and innovative entrepreneurs are ready to jump in and build the next hot app.

There are already well over two billion smartphone users around the world and that number just keeps growing. Smartphones, tablets, wearables, environmental sensors, AI and other emerging mobile technologies are fueling the biggest tech revolution since the creation of the PC and Internet. All of which are dramatically reshaping our world. Chances are, 2016 will be more exciting for both entrepreneurs and consumers than we can possibly imagine. In this slideshow, Appster has identified emerging trends that will likely dominate mobile for the coming year.


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