Top 10 Travel Gadgets for 2012

    With a dizzying array of gadgets emerging every day, finding the right one for you can often be a difficult prospect nowhere more so than in the field of travel, where the right gizmo can make or break your trip and transform an otherwise tedious journey.

    Phil Dalbeck, Skyscanner’s tech expert, has been scouring the world for the latest in tip-top travel tech. “Travelling doesn’t mean gadget freaks need to be parted from their latest prize possession in fact, we found that some of the best new gadgets emerging in 2012 are especially handy for being portable, rechargeable and most of all, fun!” he said.

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    Click through for 10 top travel gadgets emerging in 2012, identified by Phil Dalbeck from Skyscanner.

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    Launched at CES in January, the Polaroid SC1360 is backed by Google’s Android operating system and enables instant sharing through over 400,000 apps like Flickr and Twitter, as well as a 16.0 megapixel camera and 32GB memory via microSD card.

    Cost: TBD

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    A serious piece of futuristic tech for your wrist, the i’M Watch connects wirelessly to your smartphone via Bluetooth and displays your texts, emails and calls on a small color screen, so that you can quickly and easily keep in touch at the flick of a wrist.

    Cost: Starting at $329

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    Unlike most other chargers on the market, the Mushfroom GreenZero Wall Travel Charger shuts off the charge from the mains when you’re device is fully charged, stopping your battery from being overcharged making it the must have eco-friendly charger. Available in 30-pin and mini-USB forms.

    Cost: Starting at $29

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    The ultimate for snow-sport loving tech fans, the Recon Instruments MOD Live goggles are kitted with an HD display on the inside lens showing texts and GPS location plus real-time data and stats on your speed and performance.

    Cost: Starting at $299

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    The manufacturers of the UWater G4 Chrome MP3 Player claim it’s the world’s smallest 100 percent waterproof MP3 player. Ideal for singing in the shower and, as it’s protected from salt water, even scuba diving to your favorite soundtrack.

    Cost: $79.95

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    Laptop? Check. Tablet? Check. Smartphone? Check. Backpack that keeps them full of juice all day long with built-in charger and cables to suit all devices? Check.

     Cost: $139-179

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    Can’t bear to leave your home theater behind? Then look no further than the Sony HMZ-T1, a head-mounted portable home cinema system with surround sound that feels like your sitting 12 feet away from a 150-inch HDTV screen.

    Cost: $799.99

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    TripButler is your very own rentable WiFi dongle which hooks up to as many as five devices, enabling you to stay connected when you’re on location and avoid nasty roaming charges in the process. TripButler works in many European countries.

    Cost: Rentals starting at $2.80 a day

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    The battery-powered Jawbone UP wristband works with an iPhone app to track your activities and measure your metabolism, and the alert feature is ideal to remind you to take some exercise on holiday.

    Cost: $99.99

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    With a predicted “launch” date of Spring 2012, the Jetlev R200 jetpack uses water to propel the users 30 ft in the air. While owning one of these may break the bank (an estimated $99,500) the good news is they are to be made available for hire for just a day.

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