Top SIEM Tools for Enterprise 2022

    In this guide, you will learn about the best SIEM tools for your enterprise. 

    Leading SIEM Solutions

    1 Wazuh

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    Wazuh is a free and open-source security platform that provides unified XDR and SIEM protection for endpoints and cloud workloads. Our platform has one of the fastest-growing open source communities, and it offers high-quality support at no cost to its users. It protects workloads across on-premises, virtualized, containerized, and cloud-based environments. In addition, Wazuh also offers Wazuh Cloud, a flexible infrastructure that allows high scalability.

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    2 ThreatInsight

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    ThreatInsight: This security monitoring assessment tool collects logs and gives you insight into your organization’s threats. MSPs use it as a sales tool to demonstrate the value of SIEM & SOC and help them decide which security monitoring solution is right for them. With ThreatInsight MSPs can onboard all their clients and their devices unto Vijilan’s SIEM for $99/month. Spots available while seats last.

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    What is Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)?

    Security information and event management (SIEM) provides enterprises with next-generation detection, response, and analytics. 

    SIEM offers a wide scope of log event collection and management capabilities, enhancing the ability to examine log events and data across dissimilar sources and operational capabilities, such as reporting, dashboards, and incident management. 

    SIEM also provides data aggregation across the network and its normalization for further examination, and it helps enable security and user activity monitoring and compliance.

    What is a SIEM Tool and How Does It Work?

    SIEM solutions combine security information management (SIM) and security event management (SEM) to improve the security awareness of an IT environment. SIEM tools enhance security incident management, compliance, and threat detection by collecting and examining historical and real-time security event data and sources. 

    SIEM software gathers and merges data from event sources across an IT environment, including networks, host systems, antivirus security devices, and firewalls. 

    It examines the collected data against advanced analytics and security rules to identify potential security loopholes within an enterprise. As and when an incident is identified, examined, and categorized, SIEM software delivers appropriate notifications and reports to stakeholders within the enterprise. 

    Through continuous monitoring and reporting capabilities, SIEM solutions offer auditors a view into an enterprise’s compliance status. This helps meet regulatory compliance requirements. 

    The benefits of SIEM software include:

    • Security issue hunting and detection
    • Global threat intelligence helps reduce response time 
    • Real-time visibility and integration 
    • Compliance benefits
    • Ease of customization and increased flexibility

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    Top SIEM Tools for Enterprise

    Splunk SIEM

    Splunk SIEM provides advanced, cloud-based security analytics and actionable intelligence at scale to detect, investigate, monitor, and respond to complex threats. With Splunk SIEM, you can quickly detect complex, malicious threats; combat alert fatigue; and leverage advanced threat detection, flexible investigations, and multiple deployment options.  

    Key Differentiators

    • Seamlessly enrich security operation center (SEC) workflows with integrated threat intelligence data feeds from diverse sources and investigations and historical events.
    • High-fidelity, risk-based alerting enables you to counter alert fatigue.
    • Monitor the availability and uptime of a number of cloud services in a single, consolidated view for security and compliance. 
    • Behavior analytics powered by machine learning (ML) aid in advanced and unknown malicious threat detection. With ML capabilities, you can automate threat detection and spend more time hunting for threats with better alerts for rapid resolution.
    • The SIEM software provides flexible investigative tools for effective, quicker threat hunting. 
    • Splunk SIEM supports over 1,000 integrations, including Splunk Machine Learning Toolkit, Palo Alto Networks App for Splunk, and Splunk App for AWS. These applications expand Splunk’s security capabilities and are available free of cost on Splunkbase.

    Pricing: Splunk SIEM is available in three packages: Splunk Enterprise Security for analytics-driven SIEM; Splunk User Behavior Analytics (leverages ML); and Splunk SOAR for security orchestration, automation, and response. Contact the Splunk sales team for pricing details.

    LogRhythm NextGen SIEM Platform

    LogRhythm NextGen SIEM Platform helps you build your security program on a sturdy foundation. With the SIEM solution, your team can easily manage ever-growing attack surfaces and handle all kinds of threats, including tackling zero trust and securing your remote workforce.   

    Key Differentiators

    • The solution helps you gain an accurate and deep understanding of user and host data, making it easier to detect complex, malicious threats and remediate security incidents.
    • With the software, you can gain visibility across your entire enterprise and effectively eliminate blind spots. Search across log and machine data to find the answers you seek.
    • You can automate labor-intensive work and repetitive tasks, so your team can spend their time and energy on areas of interest. 
    • LogRhythm NextGen SIEM Platform offers high performance and reduced operating expenditure. 
    • AnalytiX, DetectX, and RespondX make up the LogRhythm XDR Stack—a comprehensive set of capabilities that power the platform. 
    • LogRhythm AnalytiX centralizes log data, enriches it, and applies a consistent scheme across data types.
    • LogRhythm DetectX provides pre-built security analytics visualizations and content that are designed to detect malicious activity and ensure compliance. 
    • LogRhythm RespondX is a SOAR (security orchestration, automation, and response) that helps your team manage, qualify, and collaborate incidents effectively and quickly. 

    Pricing: Fill a simple form to schedule a live online demonstration with a LogRhythm expert. Reach out to the LogRhythm sales team for product pricing information.  

    IBM Security QRadar SIEM 

    IBM Security QRadar SIEM is an intelligent security analytics platform for actionable insight into malicious threats. You can detect, prioritize, and respond to the threats that matter most across the enterprise infrastructure. 

    Key Differentiators

    • With the solution, you can gain centralized insight into events, flows, and logs across environments.
    • Focus on investigations and response by eliminating manual tracking procedures. 
    • With real-time threat detection, you can leverage automatically analyzed flows and logs to craft prioritized alerts.
    • Utilize pre-built templates and reports to streamline and quicken internal and external compliance.   
    • You can determine the root cause of a network issue by investigating offenses and obtaining immediate in-depth and correlated information for each offense. 
    • Use the search query builder tool to build or manage powerful searches. Search results can be saved and organized in folders on the file system. 
    • You can categorize scanned assets by score, severity, and risk. 
    • The IBM Security X-Force Threat Intelligence feed enables you to stay one step ahead of emerging threats. 
    • IBM Security QRadar SIEM provides out-of-the-box integration with over 400 solutions.
    • The solution is available for on-premises and cloud environments.

    Pricing: Create an IBM account to try the IBM QRadar Community Edition Trial and make a purchase decision accordingly. 

    McAfee Enterprise Security Manager (ESM)

    McAfee Enterprise Security Manager (ESM) is a SIEM platform that helps you identify, investigate, and respond to threats in a quick and efficient manner. This solution is deployable on-premises or in the cloud.  

    Key Differentiators

    • McAfee ESM provides real-time visibility into all activity across the enterprise, including applications, databases, networks, and systems.
    • With advanced threat intelligence, you can analyze data for patterns that could possibly indicate the emergence of a larger threat. 
    • An embedded compliance framework helps streamline analyst and compliance operations.
    • Leverage indicators of compromise (IOC) and vendor threat feeds to better understand how security events impact business decisions and processes. 
    • You can store billions of flows and events and rapidly assess event data storage in the long term.
    • Monitor and analyze collected, processed, and correlated log events from a heterogeneous infrastructure. 
    • The solution offers an analyst-centric user experience. 
    • Access actionable data that is presented in dynamic views, and adapt to important patterns and alerts.
    • The solution offers more than three dozen partner integrations. 

    Pricing: Leverage the power of a free security trial, and/or contact the McAfee team to obtain product pricing details. 

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    LogPoint SIEM

    LogPoint SIEM is a central risk management tool that provides advanced threat detection and response with real-time data analytics; data collection; early detection of data breaches and critical threats; and reporting, alerting, and data storage capabilities.

    Key Differentiators

    • LogPoint SIEM provides advanced threat detection in real time and over long periods, allowing reporting and analysis of behaviors and trends of users and entities within the enterprise. 
    • Advanced analytics help monitor application activity and data access and act as a control for detecting malicious threats. 
    • Threat detection capabilities include enrichment with contextual information like temporal knowledge, user names, or threat intelligence. 
    • As a log management tool, LogPoint SIEM allows for basic security monitoring and can be used for real-time monitoring of security tools and compliance reporting. 
    • The solution provides dashboards, reports, alerts, and ad-hoc queries to help you visualize data and easily interpret and respond to apparent issues. 
    • Investigation and incident response is centrally embedded with LogPoint SIEM. You can conveniently manage incidents and enable forensic investigations.

    Pricing: Book a LogPoint SIEM demo today to understand the benefits of the solution. Additionally, you can contact the LogPoint sales team to determine the solution’s price. 

    Choosing SIEM Tools

    The five SIEM software discussed above are the cream of the top. Of course, there are several other worthwhile solutions on the market. Research thoroughly by visiting the respective products’ websites, exploring pricing plans, and reading customer satisfaction reports. Once you have narrowed down on a SIEM tool, make a purchase that best suits your needs.

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