RFID ROI Calculator

    RFID ROI Calculator

    Reduce your risk of inventory theft. Use this Excel-based calculator to compare the cost of manual inventory and equipment loss to the costs of using RFID.

    If equipment theft/loss is a major problem or if equipment is highly mobile, consider using RFID to locate assets and implement automated check in and check out. Compare the costs of manual inventory and equipment loss against the costs of implementing RFID. Use this calculator to:

    • Document the costs of adding RFID to your automated ITAM system.
    • Calculate the ROI of adding RFID to your ITAM system.
    • Start your business case to add RFID.

    Large quantities of assets can be quickly inventoried and located using RFID. Where equipment is highly mobile or has a high probability of theft, RFID can be particularly useful.

    Included in this ZIP file are:

    • Intro Page.pdf
    • Terms and Conditions.pdf
    • RFID ROI Calculator.xls

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