Platform-as-a-Service (Paas) Business Plan Template

    Platform-as-a-Service (Paas) Business Plan Template

    This template helps you define a comprehensive corporate PaaS strategy, focus on the problems that the cloud platform service is supposed to solve and identify opportunities that PaaS may present to your business.

    The goal of a PaaS business plan is to ensure that a comprehensive corporate strategy begins to be defined. This template pulls information from both the “PaaS Appropriateness Assessment Tool” and “PaaS TCO Comparison Tool” to:

    • Establish the strategy and outline how it will save cash and enable efficiency.
    • Focus on the business problems that PaaS is intended to solve.
    • Assess the opportunities that PaaS may introduce to the organization.
    • Outline potential challenges and how they can be mitigated.

    It is important to keep in mind that PaaS is still nascent, so if cloud platform service isn’t a good fit right now, it may be worth a second look in a year’s time.

    The attached Zip file includes:

    • Intro Page.doc
    • Cover Sheet and Terms.pdf
    • Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) Business Plan Template.doc

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