Personal Attributes Inventory

    Personal Attributes Inventory

    Who you are should play a huge part in what you do — at least if you plan to be happy. Use this Word-based tool to take stock of your personality traits and how they should help define your career path.

    An important ingredient in career growth is to understand yourself and the attributes that define your personality. Attributes like:

    • personal goals
    • professional goals
    • strengths and weaknesses
    • likes and dislikes
    • passion in life
    • how you want to be remembered
    A basic understanding of yourself helps you work with your strengths and develop your weaker areas. Discover your passion in life and work will no longer seem like work.
    Included in this zip file are:
    • Personal_Attributes_Inventory.doc
    • Intro Doc.pdf
    • Terms and Conditions.pdf

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