Job Description: Director of Systems Development

    Job Description: Director of Systems Development

    Bringing all IT development initiatives under one direct-level position brings a strategic view and overall quality emphasis to development. This sample job description will help you find the right candidate for the key Director of Systems Development position.

    This IT Download is a typical job description for a Systems Development

    The Systems Development Director manages the development, implementation and
    maintenance of application system initiatives in order to provide superior information
    systems that assist the company in maintaining a competitive edge in the marketplace.
    Additional responsibilities include:

    • Providing leadership to IT systems, prioritizing projects and ensuring
      commitments are met while providing high quality and cost effective systems that meet
      customers’ expectations.
    • Directing all initiatives for corporate IT systems and ensuring that staff
      remains focused on customer expectations and satisfaction
    • Directing and managing staff, including hiring, performance management and
      assessment, development, mentoring, training and staff budgeting

    The attached Zip file includes:

    • Intro Page.doc
    • Systems Development Director.doc

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