IT Director Job Description & Responsibilities

    Job Description: Director, Corporate Information Technology (IT)

    The Director of Corporate IT is expected to establish and maintain company-wide security and compliance policies, and set the vision and strategy for enabling a highly efficient workforce.

    Our company is going through significant growth, doubling the size of the company, which means our corporate information technology needs to scale with that growth. We need an experienced IT leader that has worked in a public company, ideally helping prepare that company to be public by putting in place all required security policies and compliance controls. This leader will also have significant career opportunities as we continue to expand its business.


    • Establish and maintain company wide security policies and procedures, covering both corporate IT and production website.
    • Prepare company for SOC 1 (Service Organization Controls) and Sarbanes Oxley (SOX) compliance.
    • Set vision and strategy for enabling a highly efficient workforce, including evaluating tools for productivity such as communication tools (such as wiki, Jive, Yammer) and data sharing (Box, Dropbox).
    • Support system administration for corporate systems such as billing and accounting systems, human resources, pay roll and salesforce.
    • Own desktop / help desk support, including provisioning and maintaining of PC and Mac desktops and laptops for all employees. This includes supporting corporate headquarters, as well as multiple satellite offices, both in the U.S. and internationally.
    • Manage the system administration team for corporate network infrastructure (firewall, switches, load balancers, etc).
    • Lead the team providing corporate IT services, including Active Directory, email, system monitoring, backup and recovery, etc.
    • Maintain corporate server infrastructure, including SAN, private server virtualization, and public cloud services (AWS).

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