IAM Software: Okta Product Overview and Pricing

    Founded in January 2009 as Saasure Inc., Okta is a publicly-traded identity and access management (IAM) organization based in San Francisco. Okta provides two solutions for customer and workforce IAM: Customer Identity and Workforce Identity.

    Customer Identity

    Customer Identity enables you to build frictionless registration and login for your applications. With Customer Identity, you can transform into a digital platform, nurture user trust, modernize infrastructure, build highly secure and scalable experiences, provide secure access to application programming interfaces (APIs), curb fraudster activity, and integrate applications.

    Key Differentiators 

    • Adaptive multi-factor authentication (MFA): Adaptive MFA helps secure your accounts and applications from cloud to ground. This includes enterprise and customer-facing applications.
    • Lifecycle management: With lifecycle management, you can automate application access from creation to deletion. This enables employees to access applications without manual onboarding and off-boarding. 
    • Access gateway: The modern hybrid cloud needs secure, centralized access management. Customer Identity provides centralized access controls for your on-premises and cloud applications. 
    • API access management: API security breaches are a cause of concern. The identity and access management software offers modern API security.
    • Authentication: User authentication as a service helps foster secure and seamless customer experiences. You can set sturdy customer authentication policies to reduce account takeovers attempts.
    • User management: A scalable, cloud-based user management system enables you to effectively use and manage collected user profile data to provide customized and personalized customer experiences.  
    • B2B integration: Get out-of-the-box Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) integration via popular protocols such as SAML and OpenID Connect and legacy support for turnkey LDAP and Active Directory integration. 

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    Workforce Identity

    Secure and enable your employees, partners and contractors with Workforce Identity. The identity and access management tool helps you to enable remote work in a secure manner, adopt a Zero Trust security model, improve mergers and acquisitions (M&A) agility, reduce IT friction and costs, seamlessly move to the cloud, and collaborate with partners. 

    Key Differentiators 

    • Single sign-on (SSO): With Okta’s cloud-based SSO service, you can easily deploy SSO to cloud applications efficiently and securely. SSO connects everything from cloud to ground with over 1,400 OpenID Connect and SAML integrations, LDAP and RADIUS support, password vaulting, and connections to third-party legacy SSO products.
    • Universal directory: A single, consolidated view of multiple identity sources, such as employees, customers, partners, and contractors, enables you to centralize user management, set consistent user access policies, and streamline password management.  
    • Advanced server access: You can centralize server access to automate and manage your server users, policies, and groups at scale. 
    • Other features include adaptive MFA, lifecycle management, access gateway, and API access management. 


    You can sign up for a Customer Identity Trial and enjoy features like authentication, authorization, lifecycle management, user management, and adaptive MFA. Similarly, you can sign up for a Workforce Identity Trial and enjoy features like centralized access control, SSO, and centralized logging and reporting. 

    Contact the sales team via call, email, live chat, or post to request a quote. If you have any questions related to Okta’s solutions, you can also schedule a meeting

    Okta Identity and Access Management Software Summary

    Here is a summary of the Okta identity and access management platform:

    ProductsCustomer Identity and Workforce Identity
    CategoryIdentity and Access Management
    Supported Languages and PlatformsAndroid, Angular, React, iOS, JavaScript, Vue.js, Go, Python, Java, .NET, Node.js, and PHP
    IAM FeaturesSSO, Universal Directory, Advanced Server Access, API Access Management, MFA, Authentication, User Management, B2B Integration, Lifecycle Management, Access Gateway, and Workflows
    Customer TypeSmall-sized Businesses, Medium-sized Businesses, and Large Enterprises
    Pricing ModelQuote-based
    Integrations7,000+ pre-built integrations
    User AuthenticationYes
    Coarse and Fine-grained Authorization ControlYes
    Adaptive Access and Trust ElevationYes
    Access Policy Decision Making and Enforcement Yes
    Access Policy ManagementYes
    Session ManagementYes
    Security Token Services for Token and Protocol TranslationYes
    Access Event Logging and ReportingYes
    Service and SupportGood
    Willingness to Recommend91% (based on customer reviews)
    Overall Capability Score4.6/5.0 (based on customer reviews)

    Okta is dedicated to IAM and offers two identity and access management tools—Customer Identity and Workforce Identity. 

    The IAM solutions offer a plethora of features, both of which provide adaptive MFA, lifecycle management, API access management, and access gateway. Choose a solution based on your use case and sign up for a free trial accordingly.

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    Top Okta Alternatives

    1 Twingate

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    Twingate helps fast-growing companies easily implement a Zero Trust secure access solution without compromising security, usability, or performance. We believe that “Work from Anywhere” should just work. Twingate’s secure access platform replaces legacy VPNs with a modern Identity-First Networking solution that combines enterprise-grade security with a consumer-grade user experience. It can be set up in less than 15 minutes and integrates with all major cloud providers and identity providers.

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    2 NordLayer

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    IAM is a framework of policies, processes, and technologies used to manage digital identities and access rights of users within an organization. It includes various tools and techniques for identifying and authenticating users, as well as for authorizing access to resources based on the user's role and permissions. IAM ensures that only authorized users can access the organization's resources, and helps to prevent security breaches and data theft.

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    3 ManageEngine ADManager Plus

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    ADManager Plus is a unified AD, Exchange, Teams, Google Workspace, and Microsoft 365 management solution to simplify tasks such as provisioning users, cleaning up stale accounts, and managing NTFS and share permissions. It offers 200 built-in reports, including reports on inactive user accounts, Microsoft 365 licenses, and users' last logon times. You can build a custom workflow for ticketing and compliance, delegate tasks to technicians, automate AD tasks such as restore and backup AD objects.

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    4 Semperis

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    For security teams charged with defending hybrid and multi-cloud environments, Semperis ensures integrity and availability of critical enterprise directory services at every step in the cyber kill chain and cuts recovery time by 90%. Purpose-built for securing hybrid Active Directory environments, Semperis’ patented technology protects over 50 million identities from cyberattacks, data breaches, and operational errors. Expose blind spots. Paralyze attackers. Minimize downtime.

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    5 Dashlane

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    Dashlane Password Manager provides companies with everything they need to onboard new employees, manage permissions and monitor security issues all from one place. It also includes advanced features such as SAML-based single sign-on (SSO) and the company's security architecture has never been hacked. Try Dashlane Business for free for 14 days

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