Data Center Build Project Charter

    Data Center Build Project Charter

    For a project as massive as a data center build out, you need a clear agreement on scope and risk at the earliest stages. This charter template will help you lay the ground rules for this massive undertaking.

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    A project charter document helps to establish a clear and defined project scope by outlining important aspects of the data center build project. This is also useful in identifying potential risks that could hinder project performance.

    This handy tool from Info~Tech Research Group has been pre-populated with a real-life example of what a data center build project charter might look like — you can change, delete or add to the example as required. Use this project charter template to define the project description, key success factors, risk identification and much more.

    Included in this zip file are:

    • Data Center Build Project Charter.doc
    • Intro Doc.pdf
    • Terms and Conditions.pdf

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